Mt Coree VK1/AC-023 31 March 2013

Mt Coree VK1/AC-023 1421 metres ASL Namadgi National Park

Mt Coree is located on the border between the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the state of New South Wales (NSW).  On the ACT side the summit it within the Namadgi National Park and the Brindabella National Park on the NSW side.  The summit provides spectacular 360 degree panoramic views and very dangerous cliff faces on the west side.  Mt Coree is a  popular destination for recreational 4WD clubs, dirt bike riders and amateur radio field operatio.  The summit is a rectangular shape about 100 metres long and 30 metres across.  There are numerous signs warning people to stay away from the cliff edge.

West face of Mt Coree showing the cliffs

West face of Mt Coree showing the cliffs

The purpose of this activation is to work summit to summit (S2S) with VK3WAM Wayne on 2m 146.475 USB  who is due to activate Mt Kelly VK1/AC-004 at 1430 local (0330) UTC.   Having previously activated Mt Coree on 2 February 2013 there are no activation points on offer this time, however the S2S points are worth chasing.  Regardless, points or no points I like being outdoors and even better on a mountain peak.

The drive to Mt Coree is via Uriarra Crossing and Brindabella Road to Piccadilly Circus.  At Piccadilly Circus take a sharp right turn onto Two Sticks Road. Stay on Two Sticks Road for about 10 km until you arrive at the Mt Coree Summit trail.  This track is 4WD only and you need plenty of clearance, see pictures.  The track passes near to the Mt Coree campground, before heading east up to the summit.  I parked the car about 60 metres below the summit on a flat section of the track.

For this activation I drove from Mt Ginini along Mt Franklin Road to Two Sticks Road, having completed a S2S with VK3HRA Allen on 2m VHF DX.  see the Aircraft Enhancement post

Mt Coree Track

Track condition near the campground. Has since been repaired.

Road Condition4

Summit track 4WD only

Once on the summit you will see the Trig station and a fire look-out tower. The view is magnificent, I would happily sit here for the afternoon enjoying the view.  Oh well SOTA stuff to do, better get cracking its 14:15 and I need to set up the gear.

Survey History

Survey history of the ACT-NSW border from 1910 to 1915

As you approach the Trig there is a brass plaque detailing the history of surveying the Australian Capital Territory border.  The plaque was unveiled on 25 May 2010.

Set up the FT857D under the Trig station and strapped the squid pole to one leg with occy straps.  Raised the 2m Slim Jim and the 40m HF dipole.  Called CQ SOTA on 2m and immediately worked VK1MA Matt followed by VK3WAM Wayne on Mt Kelly, VK2UH Andrew, VK1DI Ian and VK1HBB Bruce.  Changed to HF at 14:40 and worked 12 SOTA chasers, including VK3YY/m Glenn mobile, VK3YE Peter operating a homebrew rig at 3 watts, Peter was 5-8 and VK2NNN Darren at Bondi Beach in Sydney.  Darren is a regular contact on 40m.

Fire Lookout Tower and Trig Station behind

Fire Lookout Tower and Trig station behind

Trig Station and squid pole. Antennas HF dipole and 2m Slim Jim

Trig station and squid pole. Antennas: HF dipole and 2m Slim Jim

5Ah 4S LiPo battery and regulator

5Ah 4S LiPo battery 16.8 volts regulated to 13.8 volts

Another fantastic afternoon in the mountains.  Pictures below of the panoramic views

Brindabella National Park looking west

Brindabella National Park looking west into NSW

View towards Canberra

View east towards Canberra