I’m a SOTA “Shack Sloth” – 29 June 2013

Made it to SOTA Slothdom as a new VK1 Shack Sloth 🙂

Today I aggregated 1000 points in the SOTA Chaser section and joined Ian VK1DI on the Sloth honour roll.  With my chaser score sitting on 998 points the activator was Wayne VK3WAM on VK3/VC-009, Mt Bride (4) points who tipped the chaser score to 1002.

My first SOTA chase was on 28 September 2012 chasing Peter VK3ZPF onVK3/VT-059  South Hells Gate.  I think I was contact number 4 and it was a hell of a day.

Thank you to the activators who have contributed to the chaser score, the major contributors are:

Wayne VK3WAM, Ian VK1DI, Al VK1RX, Peter VK3ZPF, Allen VK3HRA, Peter VK3PF, Glenn VK3YY, Marshall VK3MRG, Brian VK3MCD, Andrew VK1DA, Paul VK5PAS, Ian VK5CZ, Peter VK1IRC, Ron VK3AFW, Kevin VK3KAB and Rik VK3KAN.


A very happy Sloth


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