VK1/AC-039 Unnamed Summit – 30 June 2013

VK1/AC-039 unnamed summit 855 metres ASL, Uriarra Forest

Forecast: Temperature overnight low 4 and a high of 14 degrees, mostly sunny. It was..
Antenna: 20 and 40 metre dipoles
Antenna supports: 2 squid poles 7 and 9 metre
Rig: FT857D
Battery: 4S 5Ah LiPo

Yesterday I spent the day in and out of the shack chasing points for the Shack Sloth award. Today it’s back to the hills and I’m heading west to Uriarra Forest to activate unnamed summit VK1/AC-039. My aim is to work a number of VK1 and VK3 activators summit to summit (S2S) before and after UTC to give the S2S score a nudge.

During the activation I used a camera to record VK3MCD Brian operating from VK3/VT-073 Mt Timbertop.

Summit AC-039

Summit AC-039

Using the mobile phone, I posted a spot and started SOTA ops at 9:05 local (23:05) UTC on 20m 14.342 MHz. Band conditions were very poor, no DX and not a single VK5. However I did work 4 local VK1 chasers VK1IRC Peter, VK1MA Matt, VK1MBE Andrew and VK1MDC Mark.

Shack on VK1-AC-039

Shack on VK1-AC-039

Moved to 40m 7.090 MHz at 09:35 local (23:35) UTC and worked 22 chasers before UTC change. The chase was slower than I expected, nice & slow is good for a change. Had one summit to summit contact with VK1RX/p Al on VK1/AC-027 near Honeysuckle Creek.

A little hectic after UTC midnight with 34 chasers in total. Wow the chaser group is growing, 5 months ago I was happy with 10 chaser contacts. Summit to summit contacts were VK1RX Al same summit, VK3MRG/p Marshall and VK3ZPF Peter both on VK3/VN-001 Mt Torbrek, VK3PF Peter/p and VK3HRA/p both on VK3/VT-010 Talbot Peak, and VK3MDC Brian on VK3/VE-073 Mt Timbertop.

The VK5 boys were on the ball today, (has the VK5 chaser group grown in the last 3 weeks?) chasers were VK5PAS Paul (first VK5 King Sloth), VK5LA Andy, VK5CZ Ian, watch that antenna switch Ian, VK5MBD Bill, VK5FTTC Rod, VK5WG Nev, and VK5EE Tom. Seven VK5s, that’s got to be a record, well at least from VK1!

VK2 chaser numbers were up too. Chasers included VK2UH Andrew, VK2AOR Bob, VK2NNN Darren, VK2ABK Ron VK2ONZ Andrew and VK2YK Adam in Newcastle. VK3s were well represented. It was good to make contact with VK3FIAN Ian on his 7th contact since gaining his license. Hope to hear you on a summit soon Ian.

Following the S2S contact with VK3ZPF Peter, I handed 7.090 to Peter and Marshall. Moved back to 20m at 10:30 local for 30 minutes and called CQ SOTA again and again and again! In that period I had two local contacts VK1MA Matt and VK1DI Ian both on 14.342 MHz. With no DX available I move back to 40m 7.095 and found VK3MDC/p Brian working a pile up. Threw my ‘S2S’ call into the mix for another S2S exchange. With a busy morning out-of-the-way I decided to record some video for VK3AMB Bernard. I remember the email Bernard!! 🙂

20m dipole

9m squid pole & 20m dipole

It’s great to hear some of the chasers are operating QRP . QRP chasers were VK2UH Andrew, VK1DR James, VK3XY Derek and the other activators. Portable chasers were VK3KAN/p Rik, VK3FMDV/p Mitch operating from a park in Hawthorn and VK4SSB/2 Craig in Taree on the mid north coast of NSW.

The summit to summit (S2S) score received a 36 point nudge. 🙂

20m and 40m antenna.

right 7 m squid pole & 40m dipole.

This is the link to the YouTube video (11 minutes) of Brian VK3MDC busy working SOTA chasers, enjoy!

http://youtu.be/pt1GmrgDnBQ Oh and yes my mistake it’s not QRZ it’s QRT.

Thanks activators and chasers for a fun morning on VK1/AC-039, had a hoot. 61 contacts for the SOTA log.
73, Andrew VK1NAM