VK SOTA and Lighthouses from Broulee

SOTA and Lighthouse (2013) chasing from Broulee, NSW South Coast  International Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend 2013

For a bit of fun I though I might take a consistent approach to this post as for SOTA activations and include data on the HASL. The walk on the beach was a 450 metre hard slog, starting with a descent of 3 metres followed by an ascent of 4.8 metres. 🙂

I took the Garmin 62s GPS to check the calibration at sea level.  The height reading was 8 metres ASL, I forgot to check the accuracy reading.

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Broulee surf beach track

Broulee surf beach track

beach profile

beach profile

Started the SOTA and Lighthouse chase at 08:45 with a single contact to Al VK1RX/P on VK1/AC-026 Booroomba Rocks, 1382 metres ASL. Al was operating on 7.125 MHz SSB and the rest of the band was busy with operators in the RD contest.  Later I chased Al post UTC.

I was surprised by the splatter from stations running more than 100 watts.  A station in VK7 680 km to my south operating in the lower end of the 40m band was knocking out Peter VK1IRC (at my site) who was chasing Al on 7.125 MHz.  Do they realise 10 watts on 40m will get you a contact?

Scanning slowly through the 40m band I found 4 Lighthouse stations over a 50 minute period.

Lighthouse contacts were

  • 23:15 UTC VK3ATL at Point Lonsdale Lighthouse at the entrance of Port Phillip Bay AU0078.  VK3ATL is the Geelong club call sign.
  • 23:23 UTC Tim VK2MB at Barrenjoey Lighthouse at Palm Beach AU0046.  VK2MB is the Manly-Warringah club call sign
  • 23:38 UTC Fred VK3YVG at Port Melbourne rear Light AU0079.  VK3YVG is the Yarra Valley club call sign
  • 00:10 UTC Trevor VK3ATX on Gabo Island Lighthouse AU0080 and OC196

Andrew, VK1NAM

Here is a video of the action on the beach.


One thought on “VK SOTA and Lighthouses from Broulee

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Sorry I missed you whilst at the Cape Willoughby lighthouse on Kangaroo Island. We had a crew of 8 guys over there operating SSB, CW & PSK, using the special call of VK5CWL.

    Noted your comments on the difficulty in finding lighthouse stations. We found that the combination of RD Contest & ILLW on the same weekend does NOT work. It was incredibly difficult to find a SSB spot on the 40m band at time, and in the end we often gave up and moved to other bands or modes.

    We also did not work anywhere near as many lighthouse stations as we did last year, despite the fact that there were as many recorded ILLW participants this year, as there were last year.

    And despite being told not to in various forums, we still had RD participants asking us for a number for the contest.

    We actually had a dedicated crew of 4 with us using the AHARS club call VK5BAR for the RD Contest.

    Best 73,


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