Chasing VK4 SOTA stations from NSW South Coast

This morning I successfully chased VK4 SOTA stations VK4FADI Brendan and VK4FSCC Glenn both on VK4/SE-041 from Broulee on the NSW South Coast. There background noise was low until the TV was switched on! Dam that made the chase a little harder. Below are photos of the QRP set up.

FT-857D and a 4.2 Ah Gel


40m dipole


Squid Pole anchored to the car wheel and roof bar



2 thoughts on “Chasing VK4 SOTA stations from NSW South Coast

    • Hi Peter
      Not as fancy as your arrangement. I hastily strapped the pole to the rear wheel using 2 occy straps. Then tied the pole to the roof bar with a single occy strap. Your arrangement with the pipe offers more flexibility in terms of set up. Well done.
      Andrew, VK1NAM

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