SOTA Activation – Country Victoria North Region, Mt Wombat

Mt Wombat VK3/VU-002 802 metres ASL 14 km South-East of Euroa, Shire of Strathbogie – 28 September 2013

Previously activated by Wayne VK3WAM, Peter VK3PF and Allen VK3HRA

Mt Wombat is the second activation today, a part of the trip to Melbourne.  The summit is 14 km south-east of the township of Euroa in the north region of country Victoria.  I left the Hume Freeway at Euroa, for a short drive along Euroa Main Road to Euroa-Strathbogie Road. Turn left into Euroa-Strathbogie Road and continue until you reach Mt Wombat Lookout Road.  The lookout access road is suitable for 2wd vehicles.

Although the diversion from the Hume Hwy added 2 hours to the trip, activating Mt Wombat would give me another completed summit.   Earlier this year I chased Peter VK3PF and Allen VK3HRA.

The summit hosts a range of commercial, aviation and emergency services repeaters plus a local UHF CB radio channel. The panoramic views are just amazing, well worth a visit even if you are not interested in SOTA.

Fig 1:

Mt Wombat GPS track log

Fig 1: Mt Wombat GPS track log

Fig 2:

Mt Wombat entry track profile

Fig 2: Mt Wombat entry track profile on the north side of the summit

Fig 3:

Mt Wombat exit track profile

Fig 3: Mt Wombat exit track profile on the south side of the summit

Started the activation at 06:44 UTC (16:44 local) on 7.090 and found a RTTY contest operating, the RTTY audio received on the summit was stronger than the audio of the chasers.  The chasers didn’t realise that whilst their reception of the RTTY signal at their location (QTH) was low for me on the summit the RTTY was a wipe out.

Had no problems contacting my first chaser Andrew VK2UH in Yass, however other chasers were difficult to copy particularly the chasers running QRP such as the two Peters VK3PF and VK3ZPF.  I asked the chasers to standby while I checked further up the band for a clear 3 KHz.  Found 7.100 clear of RTTY and directed the chasers to move (QSY) to 7.100 MHz from there the activation proceeded well.

I exchanged signal reports with 19 chasers in 15 minutes there were no S2S contacts.  Six chasers running low power (QRP) were Peter VK3PF, Peter VK3ZPF, Peter VK3FPSR, Dale VK5FSCK, John VK5FBBJ and Brendan VK1FBIT.  Great to hear new ‘F’ calls joining in on SOTA operations.

There were plenty of Peters chasing today, I wonder what happened to the Andrews, with the exception of 2UH and myself?  For those that are slightly interested, there are eight Andrews (which includes two Andys) involved in SOTA in Australia (VK).  I think it’s time we looked at a mass activation of summits by the Andrews and coordinate eight Andrew to Andrew summit to summit contacts for each Andrew on a summit.  Okay who’s up for the challenge?

Anyway moving on, below are pictures of the summit area and my operating position.  No problems with interference (QRM) from the on-site transmitters.  Take a few minutes to read about the Euroa Rotary Club stone cairn. (click on the link).

Click on any picture to zoom in.

View up to the summit from the car

View up to the summit from the car park.

Mt Wombat SOTA shack

Mt Wombat radio shack (VK1NAM/3)

360 degree panoramic views of country Victoria.  Sorry folks I didn’t fly the SOTA Flag winds were too strong.

View looking south-east

View looking south-east

The Euroa Rotary Club sponsored stone cairn – very nice masonry work.  Details of the cairn and it’s maker are at Euroa Walks.

Rotary sponsored trig station

Rotary Club of Euroa sponsored trig station

Common 4 leg Trig Station used in Victoria (VK3)

Common 4 leg Trig Station used in Victoria (VK3)

Fire lookout tower

Fire lookout tower

View east

View east

A new VK3 summit ticked off the list, tagged & bagged for the completed list.  Later in the day (12 hours after departing Canberra) I arrived at my parents place for a family dinner including roast lamb. 🙂


One thought on “SOTA Activation – Country Victoria North Region, Mt Wombat

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Well done on your efforts during your Victorian trip. You were an excellent strong 5/8 signal from Mt Wombat. The roast lamb dinner at the end of the day sounded very enjoyable.

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