VK2 SOTA Party – Sunday 13 Oct 13

Mt Lowden VK2/ST-002 1342 metres ASL, 8 points, Tallaganda State Forest

Andrew VK1DA and I (Andrew VK1NAM) more recently known as the ‘two Andrews’ plan a joint activation of Mt Lowden VK2/ST-002 in the Tallaganda State Forest, 35 km south-east of Queanbeyan, as a part of the VK2 SOTA party to formally recognise the commencement of the VK2 SOTA Association.  The seasonal bonus points period ends on 14 October therefore one expects to hear a lot of SOTA activity as activators pursue the additional 3 points for summits over 1200 metres ASL.

Previous activators of the Mt Lowden summit peak are Ian VK1DI and Al VK1RX.

Fig 1:

Planned route to Mt Lowden

Fig 1: Planned route to Mt Lowden

Figure 1 shows the vehicle route along Lowden Road and Lowden Trig Firetrail to Bald Hill Firetrail.  From Bald Hill the walk is around 3 km combined with a 200 metre ascent.  Ian VK1DI and Al VK1RX both reported areas of thick scrub and large granite Tor obstacles in the area between the communication tower on the south-west knoll and the actual summit 600 metres north-east of the communications compound.

Activation start time may vary from the SOTA alert time.  Look out for our self-spots for 40m and other band options as we attempt to work north into VK4 and west to VK6.  There is no chance of getting our names mixed up!


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