SOTA Activation Dingi Dingi Ridge – 9 January 2014

Dingi Dingi Ridge VK2/ST-004 1311 metres ASL, Brindabella NP and unnamed summit VK1/AC-039

Today I am heading out to Brindabella National Park to activate Dingi Dingi Ridge VK2/ST-004 and to recon the surrounding tracks for vehicle access to VK2/ST-003 Devils Peak, VK2/ST-005 Webbs Ridge and VK2/ST-008 Baldy Range.   Close by in the former Uriarra Pine Forest is unnamed summit VK1/AC-039 (to be named Yellow Rabbit Hill) for an easy activation and the opportunity to add more rocks to the infant rock cairn.

The route to VK2/ST-004 is along Blue Range Road, Two Sticks Road and Dingi Dingi Ridge Trail.  Blue Range Road and Two Sticks Road are suitable for 2WD during the warmer months.  Dingi Dingi Ridge Trail is a 4WD track, I wouldn’t attempt the track in a sedan with average clearance.

From Brindabella Rd to Dingi Dingi Ride Trail

route from Brindabella Rd to Dingi Dingi Ridge Trail

Parked the SOTA Yeti mobile at easting 663680 northing 609584.  The ascent is 77 metres over 850 metres, duration was 22 minutes.   The unpopular wattle regrowth at 1 to 1.5 metres high is abundant along the ridge line, it’s not as thick or as high as the regrowth on VK1/AC-018 in my view almost impassable.  The wattle and eucalyptus regrowth in Brindabella and Namadgi National Parks is a result of the 2003 firestorm.

Dingi Dingo Ridge walk

Dingi Dingi Ridge walk

Dingi Dingo Ridge track profile

Dingi Dingi Ridge track profile

Brindabella NP marks the north-west boundary between the ACT and NSW.

Brindabella NP

Brindabella NP

landmark, a small dry dam

a landmark, small dry dam on Dingi Dingi Ridge Trail – 500 metres to the car park

convenient car park on the edge of Dingi Ridge Trail

convenient car park on the edge of Dingi Dingi Ridge Trail

Scrub bash approaching a clearing

800 metre scrub bash, approaching a clearing, 300 metres to go

More scrub bashing

more scrub bashing, not too bad

Dingi Dingi Ridge summit

Dingi Dingi Ridge summit and surrounds

The activation started at 22:45 UTC with a S2S with Greg VK2FGJW on VK1/AC-031 Mt Rob Roy, then I messed about on 2m SSB trying to work John VK2YW in Wagga Wagga, I did receive John but my 5 watts did not make the return journey, thanks John for trying.  Back on 40m worked 21 chasers then Paul VK5PAS and Nev VK5WG on 20m.  I did make calls for Mike and John in VK6.  Post UTC the chaser numbers were down to 16.   New chasers were Amanda VK3FQSO (neat callsign), Julie VK3FOWL, Ed VK2EDY, Chris VK3YUN, Ken VK2KP, David VK3KR and Dallas VK3EB.

Summit to summit (S2S) contacts were exchanged with Greg VK2FGJW, Adam VK2YK and Richard VK2FRKO both on VK2/HU-080, Allen VK3HRA/2 on VK2/MN-056 and Andrew VK1MBE on VK1/AC-043.

Dingi Dingi Ridge is a good summit to access (in my view) with enough space in the clearing for a 40m dipole. I will be back in June for the winter bonus points and to activate Devils Peak, Baldy Range and Webbs Ridge.  Thanks chasers, I had a good day out.

VK1NAM SOTA shack in VK2/ST-004

VK1NAM SOTA shack on VK2/ST-004

Large burl, biggest I have seen

Large burl, biggest I have ever seen!

Back on Brindabella Road drove a short distance and turned right into Warks road for a quick activation of VK1/AC-039.

Next  Yellow Rabbit Hill VK1/AC-039, one pointer in the former Uriarra Forest

This is my fourth visit to AC-039,  for access details click this link

Activation of AC-039 Uriarra Forest

Activation of AC-039 in the former pine plantation forest at Uriarra

Chaser numbers were down, must be having an afternoon nap.  Chasers on the ball were, Peter VK3FPSR, Ed VK2JI, Gerard VK2IO, Nev VK5WG, Paul VK5PAS, Mike VK6MB, John VK3CVF, Dave VK2RD, Amanda VK3SQSO and lucky last Steve VK3MEG.  Steve called just after I called ‘going QRT’.

With no more chasers to work it was time to work on the rock cairn.  I started the cairn in February 2013 with three rocks, it’s growing slowly.  Contributions to the cairn have been made by Al VK1RX, Matt VK1MA and Ian VK1DI.

The infant rock cairn.  I added 10 rocks to improve the structure.  Don't forget to add rocks when you visit

The infant rock cairn. Added 10 rocks to improve the structure. Don’t forget to add rocks when you next visit

Next activation is the highest peak in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Bimberi Peak VK1/AC-001 on Sunday 12 Jan 14.  See SOTAWatch for details.


3 thoughts on “SOTA Activation Dingi Dingi Ridge – 9 January 2014

  1. G’day Andrew,

    Nice to get you on both 40m and 20m from the summit. You were a good signal on both bands.

    By the way, Brindabella National Park also counts for the WorldWide Flora Fauna (WWFF) program. Its reference is VKFF-054. Just FYI.



  2. Listened out for you on these summits but you were very low down and impossible to work. It motivated me to repair the 40m dipole at the home qth, so I will use that instead of the OCF next time! The OCF doesn’t seem to like poor conditions.


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