Chasing DF2GN/P on DM/BW-228

Standard of behaviour towards EU SOTA activators trying to work VK SOTA activators and chasers

At my QTH I have severe noise problems which often drown out the reception of distant EU SOTA activators.  To overcome the noise problems I have decided to try out my local ‘hill’ known as Oakey Hill in the southern suburbs of Canberra.  Oakey Hill is a part of a network of nature reserves known as the Canberra Nature Parks.  The hill is within 1 km of my home and easy to access. Unfortunately it doesn’t qualify as a SOTA summit with only 80 metres of prominence.

Klaus DF2GN in Germany is planning an activation of DM/BW-228 Hummelsberg at 07:00 UTC or 5 pm local.  Andrew VK1DA is planning to activate a local VK1 summit Black Mountain VK1/AC-042, while Nic VK3ANL is planning to activate Mt Porepunkah VK3/VE-098 in Victoria.

All three SOTA summits are of interest to me.  If I can chase Nic on Mt Porepunkah it will be a ‘completed’ VK3 summit for me.  Klaus is activating a 10 point DX summit in Germany, always keen to bag a 10 pointer and chase SOTA DX.  Andrew VK1DA is a regular VK1 activator who will be looking for local support.

My equipment: Yaesu FT-817ND, LiPo 3S 2.2 Ah and an End Fed Half Wave antenna supported by a light-duty 5 metre squid pole at the Oakey Hill Trig.

VK1NAM portable SOTA chaser station on my local hilltop Oakey Hill

VK1NAM portable SOTA chaser station on my local hilltop – Oakey Hill

a lightweight 5.4 metre squid pole supporting an EFHW.  A Lightweight chaser station.

a light-duty 5.4 metre squid pole supporting an EFHW. The height of the antenna at the apex is close to 5 metres

sunset on Oakey Hill

sunset on Oakey Hill Canberra, Australia’s capital city

I did chase Nic VK3ANL successfully on Mt Porepunkah for a ‘completed’ 6 point SOTA summit and listened to Andrew VK1DA chase Klaus on DM/BW-228.  Later I checked in with Andrew on 7.090 MHz for the local 1 point Black Mountain summit.

Here is a video/sound clip of the SOTA contact with Klaus DF2GN/P.  While the contact is successful, note the behaviour of the other two EU stations.



4 thoughts on “Chasing DF2GN/P on DM/BW-228

  1. Hi Andrew & Gerard,
    It doesn’t surprise me at all watching that video. Yesterday afternoon I had been on a frequency on 20m for 30 minutes, working a pile up, when 2 German stations and a VK3 (with a German accent) came up 2 kc away and that was the end of that. What really made me laugh though, was that the VK3 who was an Advanced call, had a friend in the shack with him who was a Foundation call. They were signing under the Foundation guy’s callsign. WT.?
    I did politely ask them to QSY 4 times, and eventually they agreed but not until I got a spray from the VK3 saying that the Foundation guy was allowed to operate on 20m, so long as he was accompanied by an Advanced call. That’s not my reading of the rules. I stand to be corrected. Maybe the same guys you had problems with?
    I think some of these guys believe they ‘own’ some of these frequencies and they don’t really care who is on there. Oh well, makes for an interesting afternoon.
    I went up to 10 & 15m and worked a few pile ups into Japan. Always enjoy working the Japanese. They are normally very polite and follow all of your instructions. Makes working pile ups so much easier.
    Best 73 mate,

  2. That was disgusting behaviour on 14328 tonight. I worked Klaus DF2GN/P at 0638z as his 2nd or 3rd contact and exchanged 59 both ways. He had a dipole at 25m and 50W so a very good signal. There were a few more calls and then the strong QRM from EU started. The only callsign I caught was a VK3E?? and I wondered whether they were VKs speaking German as they were very strong.. There were many requests for them to move and after a very long time they did, but only up 2 kHz. There was still very strong bleedover onto 14328 making Klaus inaudible. I think he gave up. An hour later he came up on 14063 and some of us worked him there. Even later I think he came back to 20m SSB.
    Sorry you were not able to complete, Andrew, especially after going portable.

    Gerard – VK2IO

    • Hi Gerard
      I had a second shot at 07:20 UTC after following Klaus to 14.344 Mhz.
      All credit to Klaus for finding a 3rd clear frequency and posting a new spot.
      I too thought the German speaking stations were local to VK3, I did hear a ‘VK3’ mentioned.
      Andrew, VK1NAM

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