WWFF and VKFF National Parks Awards

In recent weeks I have worked with Paul VK5PAS, Australian representative for the World Wide Flora and Fauna in amateur radio program, to convert SOTA activation logs to ADIF format where the activated SOTA summit is within an Australian National Park boundary.

I opted to use a free SOTA CSV log editor by G0LGS to convert the SOTA activator CSV file to ADI or ADIF format.  The procedure is very simple, download the SOTA activation CSV file from the SOTA database, change the file name such that you can identify the SOTA summit and National Park reference.   Next open the modified CSV file in G0LGS log editor, if the editor detects erroneous commas in the comments field it will warn you to remove the commas.  Next select the ‘Check All’ option check-box and export the log to ADIF format.   Liaise with Paul to load your ADIF files to WWFF Log Search.

After loading 41 SOTA activator files for activations in National Parks, the WWFF Log Search page reported 9 Australia National Parks activated and 20 Australian National Parks chased.  The count of chased National Parks is a result of other park activators submitting their logs to Paul.  There was no need for me to submit a WWFF ‘Hunter’ log.

Summary report of my WWFF worked and activated parks

VK1NAM WWFF Log Search summary

VK1NAM WWFF Log Search summary

On examination of the data I was eligible for the basic WWFF 10 parks award.  Applied for the award on-line and received the certificate four hours later!

WWFF Award

WWFF Award

On further examination Paul VK5PAS advised me I was eligible for two VKFF Awards Bronze and Silver for Hunting 10 and 20 unique Australian National Parks.  Thanks Paul and thanks to the activators for preparing their SOTA logs for Paul to load in the WWFF database.

VKFF Silver Award for 20 Australian National Parks

VKFF Silver Award

VKFF Silver Award

VKFF Bronze Award for 10 Australian National Parks

VKFF Bronze Award

VKFF Bronze Award

I have completed the exercise to convert SOTA logs to ADIF format and joined the VKFF Yahoo forum.  In future my planning of SOTA activations will now include possible activations of nearby VKFF National Parks.

The VKFF National Parks website is http://www.wwffaustralia.com/



2 thoughts on “WWFF and VKFF National Parks Awards

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  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for this post. I hope it may stir up a bit more activity from VK operators.

    I think combining SOTA with WWFF/KRMNPA/SA Parks award is a good idea. You can kill 1, 2, or 3 birds with the 1 stone so to speak.

    I am in the process of creating some more VKFF awards. The Bronze – Diamond Hunter and Activator certificates were the first awards I came up with to get the program going here in Australia.

    I will post some more details on the Australian VKFF site soon…..


    Best 73 & ’44’,


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