Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park VKFF-620 – 28 May 2014

Decided at short notice to take two days leave from work and head to Melbourne for a family gathering and to tick off another birthday.  There are ample SOTA summits within 30 minutes to one hour of the Hume Freeway, particularly in Victoria.  On this occasion I decided to look at the proximity of National Parks rather than a new SOTA activation.  In addition to taking regular breaks from driving, I can afford to take an extra 1 hour break from the 7 hour drive to enjoy a little downtime in a quiet peaceful place.

One such National Park is Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park 30 km south of Wodonga, separated by the Hume Freeway.  To access the park take the Chiltern exit off the freeway for the Chiltern – Yackandandah Road, Lancashire Gap Road then follow the signs to Honeyeater Picnic Area.   The park is split into three main areas, you may wish to head further south-east towards Beechworth or take the north-west side of the Hume Freeway.

Chiltern - Mt Pilot National National Park off Gap Road

Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park off Lancashire Gap Road

Chiltern - Mt Pilot National Park

Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park 10 minutes off the Hume Freeway

VK1NAM VKFF-620 shack

VK1NAM VKFF-620 shack

Arrived at the park @ 12:20 local, set up the FT817ND, squid pole and HF antenna at a park table operating from 02:40 UTC to 03:35 UTC which complies with the minimum 30 minute operation for 10 hunters.

13 stations (VKFF hunters) worked from Chiltern – Mt Pilot National Park:

Peter VK3PAH/M Warnambool, Ian VK3VIN, Paul VK5PAS, Larry VK5LY, John VK5BJE, Col VK5HCF, Peter VK3PF, Damien VK5FDEC, Ron VK3VBI/M, Amanda VK3FQSO, Garry VK3VCR, Grant VK3HP and Owen VK5HOS.

Low power (QRP) operators were Col VK5HCF, Peter VK3PF, Amanda VK3FQSO and Damien VK5FDEC.

Thanks Paul VK5PAS for the spots and alerts via a network of SMS contacts in VK5.

Honeyeater Picnic Area

Honeyeater Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Picnic Area

Information station

Information station on the park fauna, flora and walks

water hole - abundant with water birds

water hole – abundant with bird life

Further reading and information can be found at the Parks Victoria and Beechworth Visitor Information

Parks Victoria:

Beechworth Visitor Information:


3 thoughts on “Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park VKFF-620 – 28 May 2014

  1. G’day Andrew,
    It was my pleasure to spot you mate. My little list on the mobile phone seems to work well, until I can get a computer guru to create a parks app similar to SotaGoat.
    There are certainly some great areas of Australia that these SOTA summits and parks are located in. Marija and I are in the market for a 4WD when we get back from Europe, so we can go bush a bit more often. I’ve got the Falcon bogged twice now (I think Marija believes it is a deliberate ploy).

  2. Hi Andrew A great post. I like the photos and it is, as we discussed, a great spot.
    I am really glad to get this park in my log as a chaser.
    Thanks for the effort and sorry I missed you on the summit as you returned home.
    73 John

    • Hi John, always my pleasure to have you in the log, I plan to share my time with SOTA and activating National Parks. I now have two amateur radio addictions!
      Andrew, VK1NAM

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