VKFF National Parks Award – Bronze

Last weekend I activated two new SOTA summits with each summit in a different National Park.   The two activations increased my National Parks activations to 12 of which 11 qualify for the VKFF Bronze Award, having achieved a minimum of 10 unique National Park activations.

One of the National Park activations I could only scratch up 9 chasers, meaning that activation won’t qualify until I complete the activation with a minimum of 10 chasers spread over 30 minutes.

Today I applied for the Bronze VKFF Activator Award, 30 minutes later the certificate was emailed to me by Paul VK5PAS, thanks Paul great service.

You can check your VKFF chaser and activator status by entering your callsign at the WWFF Logsearch page.  Try it, you might be surprised to know you have an active VKFF chaser score.   The VKFF program is managed by Paul VK5PAS on a voluntary basis.  Visit http://www.wwffaustralia.com/index.html for details.

My next challenge is to activate 8 new National Parks for the Silver VKFF Activator Award including a revisit to the NSW south coast.

VKFF Award - Bronze

VKFF Activator Award – Bronze




5 thoughts on “VKFF National Parks Award – Bronze

  1. Congratulations Andrew Well deserved award feel sure the next level will be yours soon
    73 Rod VK2TWR

  2. Congratulation Andrew on the Bronze award. VKFF and WWFF are fantastic programs to extend the VK3 and VK5 parks awards.

    I’ll be back around the VK3 National Parks later this year looking for 44 QSOs from each.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Taking a break from the footy. Congratulations on the certificate and thanks for doing your bit to promote the WWFF program.
    Best 73 mate and have a good weekend.


    • Hi Paul – must be watching the same game.
      My pleasure Paul, VKFF is a very attractive program open to all classes of operators.
      The message to amateur radio operators is age or physical ability shouldn’t limit your participation in VKFF.
      Take the radio shack to the outdoors and live life!
      Best wishes mate
      Andrew, VK1NAM

      • Howdy Andrew,

        Yes it was the Carlton-Hawthorn game. Just about to sit down and hopefully see Adelaide knock over North Melbourne. Well, here’s hoping.

        I’m like you and many others. Bitten by this portable bug. It’s a great way to play radio and see some spectacular parts of this great country.

        Again congratulations mate.


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