DXFF Activator Certificate – WWFF

Today I received a DXFF Award Certificate for activating 3 unique DXFF references in Australia.  The certificate is endorsed first in VK serial number 004.  The award recognises the activation of 3 references in participating DXCC countries.  In my case the award is for activating Namadgi National Park VKFF-377, Budawang National Park VKFF-061 and Dandenong Ranges National Park VKFF-132.

DXFF Award Activating 3 unique Australian National Parks for DXCC participating countires

WWFF DXFF Award for DXCC participating countries – Activating 3 unique Australian National Parks


One thought on “DXFF Activator Certificate – WWFF

  1. Congratulations Andrew.

    Another piece of nice wallpaper for the shack. Us amateurs are worse than boy scouts!

    Best wishes,


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