SOTA 500 Point Activator Award Certificate

On the 22nd of June 2014 I activated Pheasant Hill VK1/AC-021 in Namadgi National Park for 4 points and 3 winter bonus points, to accumulate 503 activator points.  It’s been a 16 month journey, walking 540 km climbing 186 SOTA summits of which 78 are unique.  The good news I’ve had lots of fun getting to 500 points, I’m looking forward to achieving 1000 activator points.   Special thanks to my XYL for a generous number of leave passes and to my SOTA companions Al VK1RX, Andrew VK1DA, Ian VK1DI and Glenn VK3YY who have joined me for joint activations.

Regardless of the points scored, I would like to acknowledge all 768 unique chasers, I have enjoyed the QSOs before and after UTC, it’s been terrific getting to know you all!

Looking at the SOTA stats page the top 10 SOTA chasers chasing me are:  Matt VK1MA 101, Peter VK3PF 92, Peter VK3FPSR 80, Paul VK5PAS and Ernie VK3DET both on 77, Ron VK3AFW 75, Mark VK1EM 71, Ian VK1DI 70, Andrew VK2UH/1DA 58 and Tony VK3CAT 56.

The 500 point award certificate was received in an email today!  Thanks Barry for the certificate and SOTA MT for managing the SOTA program.

SOTA Activator Section - 500 points

SOTA Activator Section – 500 points


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