Lou IK6CWQ on 40m DX and Nick VK3ANL operating from Sydney Harbour NP

European DX on 40m at 2100 UTC

This morning I was monitoring 7.144 MHz waiting for Nick VK3ANL, who was planning to activate Sydney Harbour National Park VKFF-473 from 0715 am local (21:15 UTC). While waiting for Nick I was listening to Lou I6KCWQ from Italy calling CQ DX on 7.144.  After listening to Lou for 10 minutes and watching his signal improve to 5-8 I returned a call.  To my surprise Lou responded with a 5-7 signal report.  🙂

Awesome my first 40m European DX on 40m SSB operating a Yaesu FT-890 at 80 watts into a half wave dipole.  Lou mentioned his operating conditions were 500 watts into a 2 element yagi.   Other VK stations waiting for Nick joined in on the action working Lou with similar signal reports.  I heard Mike VK6MB and Andrew VK3ARR make the distance along with VK7 and VK2 operators.

With 7.144 MHz busy I had an idea Nick may try 7.090 MHz the usual hangout for SOTA operators.  Nick being an experienced SOTA operator would know to call on 7.090 with some knowledge the frequency would be monitored.    Indeed after changing the VFO to 7.090 Nick was calling CQ ‘Parks’ with a 5-8 signal.   Thanks Nick for the VKFF reference.  🙂

Andrew, VK1NAM



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