Bothy Bag – Emergency Shelter for Bushwalking and SOTA

Two weeks ago I ordered a 2 person Bothy Bag from Summit Gear in the UK.  The Bothy Bag is a lightweight portable emergency shelter weighing 420 grams.

The bag arrived today, 10 days after placing the order.  The compact 2 man nylon shelter has a draw cord base, 4 elastic loops one in each corner of the roof section, a clear PVC window and an air vent to minimise condensation.  The shelter will take pride of place in the top section of my SOTA back pack.  While I’m not in a hurry to use the shelter, I do look forward to trying it out if I get caught in adverse conditions.

Both Bag - in the cover measures 12 cm x 23 cm

Both Bag – in the cover measures 12 cm x 23 cm


Summit Bothy Bag - Emergency Shelter

Bothy Bag – Emergency Shelter

2 Person Both Bag - 420 grams

2 Person Both Bag – 420 grams

Disclosure: I do not have a financial interest in Bothy Bags or Summit Gear, I do not endorse Bothy Bags or Summit Gear equipment.  I purchased the Bothy Bag to use as an emergency shelter when I’m out in the scrub or on mountain peaks for SOTA activities.


8 thoughts on “Bothy Bag – Emergency Shelter for Bushwalking and SOTA

  1. Might be time to Order myself one. Even to just take the edge off the wind and moisture (very soft activator!) ’3bq

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  3. Hi Andrew,

    Just purchased the Mountain Leaders 2-3 man Bothy Bag for the same reasons.
    Will be interested to see how the units compare after a few uses.

    So now do you intend to get a photo of the unit in use ?


    • Hi Phil,
      I am home bound this week. I will set it up in the front garden and take a few pics. My next activation is planned for the weekend 26/27 July.
      Andrew, VK1NAM

  4. Hi Andrew, likewise, I had to use my bothy a few times in adverse conditions. Does make the rainy, sleety activations a little more comfortable!

    • Hi Glenn and Paul,
      In VK1 we’ve had a week of rain and snow falls in and around the Namadgi NP. I’m looking forward to trying out the shelter on a sunny day with cold icy winds. The Bothy Bag offers more options than the standard blue tarp. 😉
      Andrew, VK1NAM

  5. Hi Andrew,
    I’ve had to deploy my bothy bag 3 times now. Twice on summits whilst in Victoria, and another time just last month in the Canunda National Park down in the south east of S.A.
    It certainly beats getting wet!

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