VK1 SOTA Party – Sunday 27 July 14

Hi all SOTA fans

VK1 is planning a mass simultaneous activation of VK1 and nearby VK2 SOTA summits on Sunday morning 27 July 2014, (2300 UTC, 26 July 2014)

SOTA stations will be operating on:

  • HF:  7 and 14 MHz, other HF frequencies may include 10, 21 and 24 MHz.
  • VHF/UHF:  50 and 52 MHz, 144.200 SSB & 146.500 FM, 432.200 SSB & 439.00 FM and 23 cm 1.2 GHz.
  • VK2HRX, VK1MA and VK1DA are planning summit to summit contacts on 23 cm 1.2GHz.

Planned activations are as follows: (updated 25 July 2014)

  • Matt VK1MA, Black Mountain, VK1/AC-042
  • Ian VK1DI, Mt Coree, VK1/AC-023
  • Al VK1RX, Mt Tennent, VK1/AC-025
  • Mark VK1EM, Mt Stromlo (north hump), VK1/AC-043
  • Andrew VK2FAJG, Tuggeranong Hill, VK1/AC-038
  • Andrew VK1DA & Andrew VK1NAM, Castle Hill, VK1/AC-032
  • Andrew VK1MBE, will join in from Tallai Range VK4/SE-094
  • Tony VK1VIC, Mt Taylor, VK1/AC-037
  • Compton VK2HRX, Mt McDonald, VK1/AC-048
  • Paul VK1PAW, Mt Ainslie, VK1/AC-040
  • Robert VK1RW, One Tree Hill, VK1/AC-035, 2m only

VK2, VK3, VK4 and VK5 SOTA association participants joining the party are:

  • Garry VK2GAZ and Gerard VK2IO, Mount Tootie, VK2/CT-082
  • Scott VK2AET, Browns Knob, VK2/NR-038
  • Andrew VK3ARR, Mt Buninyong, VK3/VC-018.  Andrew is a keen ‘Andrew 2 Andrew’ summit to summit chaser.
  • Brian VK3MCD, Mt Hotham, VK3/VE-006
  • Glenn VK3YY, Mt Donna Buang, VK3/VC-002 (tentative)
  • Mike VK3XL, Arthurs Seat, VK3/VC-031
  • Nick VK3ANL, Mt Wombat, VK3/VU-002
  • Robbie VK3EK, Mt Budgee Budgee, VK3/VT-041
  • Ron VK3AFW, Mt Macedon, VK3/VC-007
  • Tony VK3CAT, Flinders Peak, VK3/VC-030
  • Mark VK4IL (former VK3DEE) is keen to join in with a local VK4 activation
  • John VK5BJE, Mt Lofty, VK5/SE-005

All activations are subject to change.  Check SOTAWatch for timing and frequency details.

Local VK1 suburban summits not allocated (at this stage) are: Mt Majura and Isaacs Ridge*.  Mt Majura is an excellent site with a low noise floor on HF, VHF and UHF.  Isaacs Ridge see notes below.

Other nearby VK1 summits within a 2 to 5 km walk are Booroomba Rocks, Mt Rob Roy and Bullen Range.

Road access to Mt Ginini via Mt Franklin Road is closed at Bulls Head.

Check ACT Govt TAMS website for Rural Roads closures.

Nearby VK2 summits with vehicle access (2WD) are Mt Cowangerong (Capt Flat WX Radar) and (4WD) Mt Wee Jasper, the gravel roads may be slippery due to recent rains or blocked by fallen trees.

Further north at Mittagong, Mt Alexandra and Mt Gibraltar are good options.

If you would like to join in on the SOTA Party contact me via the Contact page or reply to the post on the SOTA_Australia (Yahoo) site ‘VK1 SOTA Party’.

Join in on the VK1 SOTA Party from other VK states by organising a local mass activation.  We have the potential to create a VK SOTA Party.  😉

Andrew, VK1NAM

* Isaacs Ridge: Significant QRM on 40m S6 to S8.  Low QRM levels on 20m and VHF/UHF frequencies.  Ideally suited for a new comer with a dual band HT to operate on 146.500 or 439.000 simplex.

List of VK1 SOTA summits:   http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?region=796

Last update 25 July 2014

6 thoughts on “VK1 SOTA Party – Sunday 27 July 14

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  2. Hi Andrew, This will be my last activation before heading to the UK. I hope to activate from each association I visit while there, but sadly wont be at a time appropriate for L/P to VK I think.
    I will be activating from the RSGB station at Bletchley Park either the 6,7 0r 8th of August. around 0930 z I hope. Will look L/P VK and USA.
    Good luck with the mass activation this weekend.

  3. Currently in negotiations to activate Mt Buninyong at the same time. Will update SOTAWatch once approval is given by OIC Home Command.

  4. Hi Andrew

    The 4WD access to VK2/ST-001 Mt. Cowangerong is that on the fire trail or Braidwood Road?

    Thinking about an activation next week, but only 2WD

    Phil VK2JDL

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