ILLW and SOTA 15 -16 August 2014

International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend and Summits on the Air

With the forecast of rain for Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday, I pondered the opportunity to bag a few lighthouses and a spot of SOTA chasing.  Other options were a range of domestic duties and a work list as long as your arm.  🙂

Early Saturday morning I chased Justin VK2CU on VK2/CT-002, Al VK1RX/2 on South Black Range VK2/ST-006, Garry VK2GAZ on VK2/CT-007 and Justin VK2CU for a second summit VK2/CT-005.  Later in the morning on a shopping expedition with the XYL, I missed an opportunity to chase Ian VK1DI on a local summit Mt Tennent VK1/AC-025.  I sent Ian an SMS requesting a chase on 2m simplex from the mobile rig in the car.  6 hours later my mobile phone service provider OPTUS processed my SMS message.  Ian responded around 8 pm with ‘I’m out for dinner?‘.  😦

The BOM forecast for Sunday was on the mark, it rained all day.  Putting aside the outdoor work list gave me time to chase Lighthouses for the International Lighthouse Lightship weekend.

A productive weekend in the radio shack, less productive in the garden!


Date Time UTC Freq Station Called Report Lighthouse AU IOTA
15-Aug-14 21:57 7.100 VK3EMF Carl S5-9 R5-5 Cape Shank Lighthouse AU-0012
16-Aug-14 6:08 7.093 VK4WIR Mike S5-9 R5-9 Cape Capricorn Curtis Island AU-0059 OC-142
16-Aug-14 6:10 14.211 VK4WIR Less S5-7 R5-4 Cape Capricorn Curtis Island AU-0059 OC-142
16-Aug-14 6:30 7.191 VK2MP Geoff S5-8 R5-9 Barrenjoey Lighthouse AU-0046
16-Aug-14 6:30 7.095 VK5ARC Graham S5-8 R5-7 Point Malcolm Lighthouse. Australia’s only inland Lighthouse AU-0029
17-Aug-14 3:33 7.080 VK3VTH Tony S5-9 R5-9 Curry Lighthouse King Island AU-0016 OC-223
17-Aug-14 3:51 7.100 VK7NWT Scott S5-9 R5-9 Rocky Cape Lighthouse AU-0066
17-Aug-14 3:54 7.100 VK3BEZ Bernard S5-9 R5-8 Citadel Island Lighthouse Port Albert Maritime Museum AU-0110
17-Aug-14 4:08 7.125 VK7OR Owen S5-9 R5-7 Table Cape Lighthouse AU-0039
17-Aug-14 4:22 7.105 VK5CJ Andrew S5-9 R5-7 Cape Jaffa Lighthouse AU-0007


SOTA chasing

Date Time Band Mode Station Called Summit Comments
15/08/14 22:09 7MHz SSB VK2CU/P VK2/CT-002 Justin S58 R44
15/08/14 22:20 144MHz SSB VK1RX/2 VK2/ST-006 Al S52 R56
15/08/14 22:56 7MHz SSB VK2GAZ/P VK2/CT-007 Garry S57 R57
15/08/14 23:33 7MHz SSB VK2CU/P VK2/CT-005 Justin S59 R59
16/08/14 1:37 7MHz SSB VK2QR/P VK2/SM-029 Rob S59 R59
16/08/14 1:55 7MHz SSB VK2CU/P VK2/CT-003 Justin S59 R59
17/08/14 3:15 7MHz SSB VK2YK/3 VK3/VC-031 Adam S52 R59