SOTA DX from VK1 – Friday 22 August 2014

Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 843 meters ASL, Canberra Nature Park

Thursday 21 Aug 14 – The weather forecast for Canberra on Friday is a sunny day with light winds, I posted a SOTA Alert for Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 seeking interest from UK and EU chasers.   I am fortunate to work close to Mt Ainslie, a quick dash from work I can be on air by 06:30 UTC.

Friday morning (local) I received an email from Mike 2EoYYY with plans to activate a summit in Wales.    Checked SOTAWatch to find Dino SV3IEG had posted an alert for the same UTC window.

My SOTA equipment: Yaesu FT857D operating at 40 watts.  Antenna 10/20/40m link inverted V dipole set for 20m.  Antenna support 7 metre squid pole. Battery is a 4S 4.2 Ah LiFePO4.

Started the activation at 06:30 UTC checked SOTAWatch to find Mike 2W0YYY on 14.333 MHz.  Mike was chatting to Ron VK3AFW for 2 or 3 minutes, Mike paused to listen for VK DX, I immediately  jumped in with a ‘Summit to Summit’ call.

Completed the S2S with Mike on Great Orme a prominent limestone headland on the north coast of Wales 17,107 km from VK1 Mt Ainslie.  Mike’s signal report was 5-6 while my signal to Wales was 5-3.  Not bad for 40 watts into a half wave dipole.

Mike G6TUH was listening to my S2S contact with Mike.  Mike suggested 14.320 MHz as a clear frequency, rotating the VFO anti-clockwise I found Mike calling me. Mike is a regular SOTA chaser we often chat for a minute or two before dealing with the eventual DX pile up.  Thanks Mike for the chat and your assistance with posting a spot.

Had a great time on Mt Ainslie, went on to work 48 more DX chasers plus a local VK1 chaser Matt VK1MA.  Very happy with the activation and the variety of European/Northern Hemisphere countries in the log.  49 DX SOTA chasers in 60 minutes, awesome!

17 countries worked; Wales, England, Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, France, Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic, Belarus and Croatia.  😉

I did listen for Dino SV3IEG on SV/PL-169 14.335 MHz, unfortunately a strong signal 3 KHz higher interfered to the point where I couldn’t hear Dino.  😦

Extract of my SOTA Activator Log – Friday 22 Aug 14

Time UTC Band Mode Station Called Details
6:32 14MHz SSB 2W0YYY/P Mike S2S GW/NW-070 S56 R53
6:35 14MHz SSB G6TUH Mike S59 R58   England
6:36 14MHz SSB DD5LP Ed S58 R53   Germany
6:37 14MHz SSB OE7PHI John S58 R59   Austria
6:39 14MHz SSB DL3HXX Lothar S58 R57   Germany
6:40 14MHz SSB EA2CKX Pedro S59 R52   Spain
6:41 14MHz SSB G0VWP Terry S58 R55 England
6:43 14MHz SSB G4UXH Colin S59 R52   England
6:44 14MHz SSB ON5SWA Frans S59 R55   Belgium
6:45 14MHz SSB EA2DT Manuel S58 R52   Spain
6:46 14MHz SSB OE5AUL Peter S57 R53   Austria
6:47 14MHz SSB IZ3WXE Giacomo S56 R57   Italy
6:49 14MHz SSB DL2DXA Bernd S57 R58   Germany
6:50 14MHz SSB F4FTA Yoann S59 R59   France
6:52 14MHz SSB RA3PCI Surgey S59 R59   Russia
6:53 14MHz SSB PA0DON BJ S59 R59   Netherlands
6:54 14MHz SSB HB9BQR Roland S58 R59   Switzerland
6:56 14MHz SSB IZ5UGP Fabrizio S59 R57 Italy
6:57 14MHz SSB EA1AA Joaquin S59 R59 Spain
6:58 14MHz SSB UT5PI Valery S59 R55 Ukraine
6:59 14MHz SSB DK2BS Wolfgang S58 R57 Germany
7:00 14MHz SSB DJ5AN Jan S58 R57   Germany
7:02 14MHz SSB DJ7UD Klaus S59 R58   Germany
7:03 14MHz SSB DJ3GG Rudi S59 R59   Germany
7:04 14MHz SSB IN3BJS Gianni S59 R59   Italy
7:05 14MHz SSB DF2VP Manfred S59 R59   Germany
7:06 14MHz SSB ON7AB Wim S59 R59  Belgium
7:07 14MHz SSB OZ4RT John S58 R57   Denmark
7:08 14MHz SSB VK1MA Matt S59 R59   Australia
7:09 14MHz SSB LA5BCA Lars S57 R55   Norway
7:10 14MHz SSB ON2WAC Albert S59 R58   Belgium
7:11 14MHz SSB G4WSB Bill S58 R55   England
7:12 14MHz SSB OK2JRF Jan S59 R57 Czech Republic
7:13 14MHz SSB DL5ZBS Ansgar S59 R55   Germany
7:14 14MHz SSB DL1DRO Roland S58 R58   Germany
7:15 14MHz SSB ON3BEN Ben S59 R55   Belgium
7:16 14MHz SSB ON3VS Rene S58 R55   Belgium
7:17 14MHz SSB EV1R Alexander S59 R57 Belarus
7:17 14MHz SSB DB6ZU Rembert S59 R58 Germany
7:18 14MHz SSB DL1MDZ Peter S59 R57   Germany
7:23 14MHz SSB G0RQL Don S59 R57   England
7:24 14MHz SSB F5IDJ Valery S59 R59   France
7:25 14MHz SSB DK1BN Walter S59 R59 Germany
7:26 14MHz SSB DL1DTL Klaus S59 R59   Germany
7:26 14MHz SSB OE4JHW George S59 R59   Austria
7:28 14MHz SSB IK4ISR Davide S59 R59   Italy
7:28 14MHz SSB OE6GND Gerhard S58 R55   Austria
7:29 14MHz SSB 9A6RMI Boris S58 R57   Croatia
7:30 14MHz SSB PA0SKP S58 R57 Netherlands
7:31 14MHz SSB DK9HN Walter S59 R59 Germany

3 thoughts on “SOTA DX from VK1 – Friday 22 August 2014

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  2. Hi Andrew,
    I’m in Venice in Italy at the moment, but still checking my emails and keeping up to date on SOTA activities. No summits here, but plenty of water! Great work on the DX. That’s a good haul. I activated 2 summits whilst over here. One in Belgium and another in Germany. I used the Belgium International Police Association call sign, ON4IPA. So being a plod in Australia, that was rather novel for me. Was ably assisted by my mates Marnix OP7M and Eddy ON6ZV.
    Keep up the great work mate.
    Best 73,

    • Hi Paul thanks for the note.
      Sounds like you are having a great time in Europe.
      I am planning to activate the summit on Friday, any chance you can activate or chase in the same UTC window?
      Andrew, VK1NAM

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