SOTA DX from VK1 Australia’s Capital Territory – Friday 29 Aug 14

Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 843 meters ASL, Canberra Nature Park

Weather forecast: Sunny day, light winds, top of 18 degrees C

Started the activation at 06:30 UTC (16:30 local) on 14MHz to log summit to summit contacts with Herbet OE9HRV on OE/VB-408 Portlerkop in Austria, next Pavel OK1MCS on OK1/PL-051 in Czechia.  With two new unique summits in the bag I checked for a clear frequency.  Found 14.320 MHz clear, using RRT I posted a self spot then waited a minute or two for mobile phone service providers across the globe to process my SOTA spot data.  After calling CQ SOTA two or three times Mike G6TUH in Sussex was the first chaser to respond with a 5-8 report, a good start to what would be a huge European pile up, I had no idea as to how good the conditions on 20m would be for the next hour.  Next chaser was David VK5KC/8 operating portable from Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park VKFF-523, Northern Territory, Australia.  Later in the session Greg VK8GM calling from Alice Springs checked in for the summit points.  Greg was the first amateur radio operator to activate a VK8 SOTA summit.

After 30 minutes of working chasers, at 07:03 UTC I logged a third summit to summit contact with Mike 2W0YYY operating in the rain from a summit in Wales GW/NW-076 Mynydd y Cwm another unique summit.  Reception at the start of the contact was weak and intermittent, we persisted with the contact for 3 or 4 minutes until signals improved to 5-2 to 5-5.  Thanks Mike for staying on the summit, I appreciate the difficult operating conditions and discomfort in the rain. 😦

At 07:48 I logged a 5-9 contact with Grahame OZ1W on Falster Island, Denmark IOTA EU-029. Grahame reported my signal at 5-9, simply amazing, 50 watts into an inverted V half wave dipole traveling 23,000 km long path.  🙂

New countries logged: Greece, Liechtenstein, Slovak Republic and Slovenia.  Australian SOTA chasers logged from VK1 and VK8.

57 DX chasers logged from 17 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine and Wales.

The 20m band was again open for 90 minutes leading up to 07:42 UTC sunset in VK1.  Propagation of signals was long path as reported by European chasers.  Chaser signal reports to Canberra ranged from 5-6 to 5-9 while the reception of my signal in Europe was 5-5 to 5-7  peaking 5-9 during the 30 minutes before sunset.

Summary, 59 chasers in 82 minutes including 3 unique summit to summit contacts, an excellent activation with lots of fun from Mt Ainslie, Canberra, Australia’s Capital Territory.

My equipment: Yaesu FT-857D output 50 watts, antenna Inverted V half wave dipole supported by a 7 metre squid pole.  Battery 4S 4.2 Ah LiFePO4.

Extract of VK1NAM SOTA activation log VK1/AC-040 Mt Ainslie, 29 Aug 14

Time UTC Band Mode Callsign Details
6:30 14MHz SSB OE9HRV/P Herbert S2S OE/VB-408 S58 R34 Austria
6:35 14MHz SSB OK1MCS/P Pavel S2S OK1/PL-051 S56 R55 Czech Republic
6:38 14MHz SSB G6TUH Mike S58 R58 England
6:40 14MHz SSB VK5KC/P David Kings Canyon VKFF-523 S58 R57
6:42 14MHz SSB DJ5AV Michael S58 R56 Germany
6:43 14MHz SSB OK2PDT Jan S59 R56 Czech Republic
6:44 14MHz SSB ON5SWA Frans S58 R52 Belgium
6:45 14MHz SSB OE7FMH Franz S59 R55 Austria
6:45 14MHz SSB EA2DT Manuel S58 R55 Spain
6:47 14MHz SSB OK1BKO Radel S59 R57 Czech Republic
6:50 14MHz SSB OE5HDN Henry S56 R43 Austria
6:53 14MHz SSB OK1SDE Dalibor S59 R55 Czech Republic
6:54 14MHz SSB UA3YDH Mikhail S58 R56 Russia
6:55 14MHz SSB G0RQL Don S58 R55 England
6:56 14MHz SSB G3XQE S57 R52 England
6:57 14MHz SSB OK2JRF Jan S59 R57 Czech Republic
7:03 14MHz SSB 2W0YYY/P Mike S2S GW/NW-076 S52 R55  Wales
7:05 14MHz SSB DD5LP Ed S58 R31 Germany
7:08 14MHz SSB VK1MA Matt S59 R59
7:10 14MHz SSB G4UXH Colin S57 R52 England
7:10 14MHz SSB EA2CKE Pedro S59 R53 Spain
7:11 14MHz SSB G4WSB Bill S57 R55 England
7:13 14MHz SSB DK9CR Hans S58 R55 Germany
7:14 14MHz SSB OE6GND Gerhard S58 R55 Austria
7:15 14MHz SSB S58AL Albert S59 R59 Slovenia
7:16 14MHz SSB UT5PI Valery S58 R55 Ukraine
7:17 14MHz SSB DJ6NI Guenter S59 R59 Germany
7:17 14MHz SSB DK2BS Wolfgand S59 R58 Germany
7:18 14MHz SSB HB9AFI Kurt S59 R57 Switzerland
7:19 14MHz SSB HB9MKV Rudi S58 R52 Switzerland
7:20 14MHz SSB ON7GR Ruddy S59 R58 Belgium
7:21 14MHz SSB EA2CCG Joaquín S58 R55 Spian
7:22 14MHz SSB DL0AT Club Station S59 R59 Germany
7:22 14MHz SSB OP7M Marnix S59 R59 Belgium
7:25 14MHz SSB ON3STA Yvan S59 R59 Belgium 50 watts
7:27 14MHz SSB F4BDG Thierry S58 R55 France
7:28 14MHz SSB PA1LS Lothar S59 R58 Netherlands
7:29 14MHz SSB SV2DCD Leo S59 R55 Greece
7:32 14MHz SSB DL3OX Andy S59 R57 Germany
7:32 14MHz SSB EA2LU Jorge S59 R52 Spain
7:33 14MHz SSB DB7GE Erwin S58 R55 Germany
7:34 14MHz SSB OM3JH Jozef S59 R55 Slovak Republic
7:35 14MHz SSB G1SDK Sid S57 R53 England
7:36 14MHz SSB DH3FEN Andreas S59 R59 Germany
7:37 14MHz SSB IZ0PMV Emanuele S58 R55 Italy
7:38 14MHz SSB HB0WR Waldemar S59 R57 Liechtenstein
7:39 14MHz SSB DL2LTM Hartmut S59 R57 Germany
7:40 14MHz SSB PA9JO Jo S59 R55 Netherlands
7:42 14MHz SSB F6AUS Serge S59 R59 France
7:42 14MHz SSB OK1ND Mirek S58 R58 Czech Republic
7:44 14MHz SSB OE8HAQ Wolfgang S57 R55 Austria
7:45 14MHz SSB SV1QFF Michael S57 R55 Greece
7:46 14MHz SSB VK8GM Greg S59 R59
7:47 14MHz SSB ON7ZM Jean S59 R57 Belgium
7:48 14MHz SSB OZ1W Grahame S59 R59 Falster Island IOTA EU-029 Denmark
7:49 14MHz SSB IZ5IOS Rudy S59 R58 Italy
7:50 14MHz SSB DL8NBJ Ferdinand S59 R57 Germany
7:51 14MHz SSB F5GSJ Christian S59 R57 France
7:52 14MHz SSB OE5CCN Christian S58 R55 Austria

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Next activation: Sunday 31 Aug 14, Spring Hill VK2/ST-036.


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  3. My 5w and 40m dipole were bit enough to get through!! I couldn’t even hear you Andrew. The guy in Austria was up to 5/5 on peaks. But he did have 150w.. Great effort!!

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