SOTA Mountain Hunter Award – Silver

Three weeks ago I received the Mountain Hunter Award (Silver) from SOTA MT in the UK.  The Silver award can be claimed for chasing 10 unique SOTA Associations.  To qualify a unique Association the chaser must make two unique contacts per Association.

For six months I sat patiently on nine unique SOTA Associations, finding an activator working an Association of interest to me has been a long process.  With nine Associations completed, I had one Association in each of DL, GW, and VK9.  Ed DD5LP in Germany has activated a small number of DL summits, it’s been a challenge to hear Ed let alone getting a signal report back to him.  VK9 Australian territories are rare activations, if I had any chance for a 10th SOTA Association it had to come from Wales.

On Sunday 24 August 2014 Bill G4WSB planned to activate a mountain peak in South Wales, Mynydd y Betws GW/SW-028 near Swansea. Bill had posted an alert for 06:00 UTC.  For me Sunday was a SOTA expedition to Booroomba Rocks VK1/AC-026 and Honeysuckle Mountain VK1/AC-027 both in Namadgi National Park VKFF-377.  With 14 activator points in the SOTA log, I left the park at 04:30 UTC for a 45 minute drive home.  At home I had time to spare before Bill’s planned start time at 06:00 UTC.

At 06:00 UTC my Android phone RRT app altered to an activation of a summit in Wales. Looking at the phone display it was Bill on 14 MHz.  With no time to waste I fired up the FT897D set the power output to 80 watts, I heard Bill working Ron VK3AFW in Melbourne, Bill’s signal was in the clear at 5-6.  After Ron cleared I called Bill, to my surprise Bill acknowledged with a 5-5 report, bloody beauty, finally a second GW summit and a 10th unique Association.  🙂

Why was I surprised to make the contact?  Being on a suburban block, I don’t have a multiband Yagi with 3 or 5 elements.  My 20m antenna is a 20m rectangular horizontal loop six metres above the ground. The 20m loop is fed with 450 ohm ladder line and tuned by a homebrew Z Match.  Propagation was on my side, the antenna radiated the signal long path to Wales, very happy with the result.  Thanks Bill for activating Mynydd y Betws  🙂

SOTA Award - VK1NAM Mountain Hunter SilverSOTA Associations chased, majority of DX are from summit to summit contacts



SOTA Associations and Regions chased since 1 February 2013

Association Region
DL – Germany (Alpine) BE – Benediktenwandgruppe
DM – Germany (Low Mountains) BW – Bathe Wuerttemberg
DM – Germany (Low Mountains) NW – North Rhine-Westfalia
EA2 – Spain (North) NV – Navarra
EA7 – Spain (South) MA – Málaga
F – France AM – Alpes Méridionales
G – England CE – Central England
G – England LD – Lake District
G – England SB – Scottish Borders
G – England SE – Southern England
G – England SP – Southern Pennines
G – England TW – Tees to the Wash
GW – Wales MW – Mid Wales
GW – Wales NW – North Wales
GW – Wales SW – South Wales
OE – Austria OO – Oberösterreich
OE – Austria VB – Vorarlberg
OK – Czechia PL – Plzenský
VK1 – Australia – Capital Territory AC – Australian Capital Territory
VK2 – Australia – NSW CT – Central Tablelands
VK2 – Australia – NSW CW – Central West
VK2 – Australia – NSW HU – Hunter
VK2 – Australia – NSW IL – Illawarra
VK2 – Australia – NSW MN – Mid North Coast
VK2 – Australia – NSW NR – Northern Rivers
VK2 – Australia – NSW NT – Northern Tablelands
VK2 – Australia – NSW NW – Northwest Slopes and Plains
VK2 – Australia – NSW RI – Riverina
VK2 – Australia – NSW SC – South Coast
VK2 – Australia – NSW SM – Snowy Mountains
VK2 – Australia – NSW ST – Southern Tablelands
VK2 – Australia – NSW SW – South West Slopes
VK2 – Australia – NSW SY – Sydney
VK3 – Australia – Victoria VC – Victoria – Central Region
VK3 – Australia – Victoria VE – Victoria – North East
VK3 – Australia – Victoria VG – Victoria – East Gippsland
VK3 – Australia – Victoria VN – Victoria – North Central
VK3 – Australia – Victoria VS – Victoria – South West
VK3 – Australia – Victoria VT – Victoria – West/South Gippsland
VK3 – Australia – Victoria VU – Victoria – North Country
VK3 – Australia – Victoria VW – Victoria – Wimmera
VK4 – Australia – Queensland SE – Southeast Coast
VK5 – Australia – South Australia NE – North East
VK5 – Australia – South Australia SE – South East
VK6 – Australia – WA SW – South West
VK8 – Australia – Northern Territory AL – Central
VK9 – Australia – Islands NO – Norfolk Island Group

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    • Thanks Garry, John and Paul
      Chasing SOTA from a mountain top or a National Park VKFF doesn’t get any better. Love it!
      73, Andrew VK1NAM

  1. Hi Andrew
    Well done and congratulations on attaining this award. It is a tribute to your skills and patience.
    John D

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