Mt Majura DX SOTA

On Wednesday 29 Oct 14 I activated Mt Majura after work for the DX window to Europe and a chance to chase Mike 2E0YYY and Tom M1EYP both in England, who planned to activate SOTA peaks Gun G/SP-013 and The Cloud G/SP-015 respectively.

My Equipment: Yaesu FT-857D at 38 watts, battery 4.2 Ah 4S LiFePO4, Antenna home-brew 1/2 wave link dipole 10/20/10m.

After a 45 minute ascent to the summit, in warm conditions the activation went to plan. Details on 20m: 28 EU chasers and 3 summit to summit contacts.  VK chasers on 20 m were Mike VK6MB 3500 km to my west and local chasers Mark VK1EM and Andrew VK2UH in nearby Yass.
Countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Slovak Republic, Switzerland and the Ukraine.

15 minutes before sunset I moved to 40m to work local VK chasers Peter VK3PF, Matt VK1MA, Tony VK3CAT and Gerard VK2IO.

Time UTC Band Mode Callsign Details
6:47 14MHz SSB VK6MB Mike S58 R57 long haul 3500 km to VK6
6:52 14MHz SSB OZ4RT John S57 R54   Denmark
6:55 14MHz SSB VK1EM Mark S59 R59
6:56 14MHz SSB OE9HRV Herbert S58 R56   Austria
7:05 14MHz SSB ON5SWA Frans S58 R55   Belgium
7:06 14MHz SSB G0RQL Don S55 R43   England
7:08 14MHz SSB G6TUH Mike S58 R37   England
7:10 14MHz SSB CU3BL Manuel S58 R57 Portugal
7:12 14MHz SSB HA5LV Viktor S59 R56 Hungary
7:13 14MHz SSB 2E0YYY/P Mike S2S G/SP-013 S55 R55
7:14 14MHz SSB G4OBK Phil S58 R56   England
7:16 14MHz SSB M1EYP/P Tom S2S G/SP-015 S52 R53
7:18 14MHz SSB DJ5AV Michael S59 R56   Germany
7:19 14MHz SSB UT5PI Valery S52 R55 Ukraine
7:19 14MHz SSB HA5MA Laci S58 R56   Hungary
7:21 14MHz SSB F8FLK Thierry S57 R56   France
7:22 14MHz SSB I5GKS Sergio S59 R57   Italy
7:23 14MHz SSB R4IB Sergey S58 R55   Russia
7:25 14MHz SSB M0IBC David S57 R32   England
7:26 14MHz SSB I5FLN Luciano S59 R57   Italy
7:27 14MHz SSB DJ1SD Joachim S55 R55   Germany
7:28 14MHz SSB HB9BQR Roland S58 R56   Switzerland
7:29 14MHz SSB ON4BB Luk S59 R57   Belgium
7:30 14MHz SSB OM7OM Milan S55 R55   Slovak Republic
7:31 14MHz SSB DD5LP Ed S57 R31   Germany
7:33 14MHz SSB VK2UH Andrew S59 R57
7:38 14MHz SSB PA7ZEE Geert S57 R44   Netherlands
7:39 14MHz SSB DK2BS Wolfgang S57 R56   Germany
7:41 14MHz SSB GI4ONL Victor S56 R55   Ireland
7:42 14MHz SSB VK1MBE/P Andrew S2S VK1/AC-040 S59 R59
7:45 14MHz SSB IW2CAM Dante S56 R55   Italy
7:53 14MHz SSB CU3BL Manuel S59 R57   Portugal
8:05 7MHz SSB VK3PF Peter S59 R59
8:06 7MHz SSB VK1MA Matt S59 R59
8:07 7MHz SSB VK3CAT Tony S59 R59
8:11 7MHz SSB VK2IO Gerard S59 R59

VK1NAM SOTA Log 20 October 2014

Thanks Mike and Tom for the summit to summits points and chasers across Europe, Russia and elsewhere for a fun time and good evening on the radio.


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  1. Always a pleasure keeping up with your travels. This one was particularly delightful with all the SSB DX. Maybe someday our local summits in California will have conditions as great as you had on this activation. Ah, the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill, or should I say summit. 73, Bob, KB6CIO

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