VK Spring SOTA Party 15 – 16 November 2014

VK will hold a SOTA Party on Saturday and Sunday 15 – 16 November 2014 with the main activity being held on Saturday from sunrise through to sunset.

By happy coincidence, this activity aligns with the VK3 KRMNPA weekend so expect some SOTA operations within Victoria’s National Parks.

Weather permitting in VK and in Europe, Saturday afternoon activity will see VK activators using SSB and CW to chase peaks in Europe for unique references and valuable S2S points. One VK6 activator will attempt a digital mode activation   😉

On Saturday I plan to activate VK2/SM-036, VK2/SM-033 and VK2/SM-053 for SOTA DX.  Sunday morning and weather permitting, I plan to activate VK2/SM-014.   SM-014, SM-033 and SM-036 are within Kosciuszko National Park VKFF-269. 🙂

Snowy Mountains - Thredbo Valley in VK2

Snowy Mountains Kosciuszko National Park – Thredbo Valley in VK2   (photo by Andrew VK1DA)

Keep an eye on SOTAWatch for VK activator intentions.  SOTAWatch Alerts

73, Andrew VK1NAM


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