500 Unique SOTA Summits Chased

On Saturday 15 November 2014, I activate three summits in the Kosciuszko National Park, during the activation of Blackfellows Hill VK2/SM-033, I picked up my 500th unique chased summit from a contact with Rob VK3EK/P activating Mt Cann VK3/VG-133.   Out of interest I checked the number of SOTA contacts made from other peaks, 43% of my SOTA chasing effort is from summit to summit (S2S) contacts.  This S2S contact with Rob brings my S2S points to 2706 from 617 S2S contacts.  Thanks Rob for two new summits today, Round Top VK3/VG-129 and Mt Cann VG/133.

Today, I received the 500 Unique Summit Award from Barry Horning SOTA MT Awards Manager in thr UK.

VK1NAM 500 Unique SOTA Summits as a chaser

VK1NAM 500 Unique SOTA Summits as a chaser

73, Andrew VK1NAM


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