SOTA – Preferred Operating Frequencies

There are no fixed operating frequencies in the VK Band Plan for SOTA activators and there doesn’t need to be.  My preferred SOTA operating frequencies are shown in the table below, note this is my preference as such it is a guide only.  Actual activation frequencies may vary due to other traffic and conditions on the day.  You will notice I haven’t listed CW or digital mode frequencies.  Why? I am not proficient in CW transmission.

Are you interested in becoming an enthusiastic SOTA chaser and you are wondering where activators are operating from and on which band?  The primary live source of information is SOTAWatch all times are in UTC. Check SOTAWatch ‘Spots’ for real-time information on activations from 98 participating associations all over the world.   Too see future planned activations select the Alerts menu.

My preferred operating frequencies, personal choice only:

Band Mode Preferred Frequency (MHz) Alternate Frequency  (MHz)
23cm FM 1294.000 1294.025
23cm SSB 1296.200 1296.150
70cm SSB 432.200 432.150
70cm FM 439.000
2m SSB 144.200 144.150
2m FM 146.500 146.525
6m SSB 50.160 52.200
6m FM 52.525 52.530
10m SSB 28.480 28.490
15m SSB 21.300
20m SSB 14.310 14.315, 14.320, 14.325
40m SSB 7.090 7.080, 7.085*, 7.095, 7.100 else spin the VFO for a clear frequency
80m SSB 3.620 3.625

*For VK activators.  If you are activating on a Saturday afternoon, please lookout for the VK Navy net on 7.085 MHz.  In late 2013 the Navy net voluntarily moved from their regular Saturday afternoon operating frequency 7.090 MHz to 7.085 MHz to accommodate enthusiastic SOTA activators.  We all know the rules and while no single operator or group ‘owns’ a frequency, it’s worth remembering there are regular nets on 40m.  🙂

WARC frequencies.  From time to time you may find ‘Full Call’ VK and ZL activators operating 12, 17 and 30m.

Band Mode Frequencies
12m SSB 24.980
17m SSB 18.140
30m SSB 10.130

Have fun chasing SOTA, be careful the hobby is addictive

First published: 14 December 2014

Last Update: 17 August 2016 included 80m frequency options for the 2016 VK1 SOTA Winter QSO Party.  During the period of solar minimum, 80m should cover the NVIS zone out to 400 km.  🙂

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