These boots are made for walking…

I have been asked about the boots I wear for SOTA activations/bush walking and are the boots comfortable after a long hike in the Australian bush?  If you are walking short or long distance the comfort of your boot is fundamental to having a great time.  Uncomfortable boots will make your life a misery.  During my former employment of 21 years, I have worn the worst fitting boots one can find in Australia.  😦

Which boots do I wear now? I purchased a pair of Scarpa Delta GTX boots October last year from a supplier in Canberra.  I surprised myself by wearing the boots out-of-the-box for a 14 km return hike between Mt Ginini VK1/AC-008 and Mount Gingera VK1/AC-002, no hotspost, chafing or blisters. Yep that was a gutsy call.  More recently I wore the boots during a four day SOTA expedition in the Kosciuszko National Park, walking a total of 54 km!  I’m very happy with the purchase.  😉

Big Foot! – Size 13EE Scarpa Delta GTX boots made in Romania

Scarpa boots made in Romania

Scarpa Delta GTX boots made in Romania

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  1. Nice boots… good stuff from Romania. Mine are Northface Hedgehogs. Vibram sole, and extremely lightweight. As such they wear out twice as fast since they are as just as good for going out bush in as wearing every day 😉

  2. Hi Andrew, just replaced my boots after wearing out my old ones in the Rocky Mountains, well they were worn out prior but I did not want to try a new pair before going. I purchased a pair of La Sportiva trekking boots. Also made in Romania, Gortex construction and Vibram sole. Tried lots on and as soon as I put this pair on I knew they were the ones. I avoid leather where possible, I tend to be remiss in treating leather and also prefer a lighter weight, particularly when having to take them on an aeroplane.
    John, many boots of different brands have a Vibram sole.
    Cheers Tony VK3CAT

    • Hi Tony, good to read your update and a good looking boot too. The common feature appears to be the Vibram sole. I too am a little careless with the proper maintenance of leather. I am guilty of wear and forget!
      Andrew VK1NAM

  3. Andrew, thanks for writing about something as mundane but critically important as boots. I need a new pair and have found myself standing in front of the boot displays in several outdoor gear shops recently, bewildered by the range of brands, styles
    and prices. I would pay considerably more if i was confident that the purchase would be comfortable. Consider also that the higher priced boots are up to half the cost of a transceiver! I am off to try on a pair of Scarpas!

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  5. Hi John, I agree with your assessment on comfort and the importance of quality socks. These are the best fitting boots I have worn in 30 years. I have had the displeasure of wearing some of the worst fitting boots in Australia! I note your comment on brands and have since found numerous sites on this very subject.
    73, Andrew VK1NAM

  6. Pleased to see other happy Scarpa boot buyers i purchased the scarpa kailash GTX
    and was so happy with them I went and picked up a second pair

  7. Hi Andrew

    Well, well, well, mine are exactly the same – except they are branded VIBRAM! The brand mark is placed in the same spot at well. They are also made in Romania. Mine are excellent and I thoroughly recommend them. I have never had an issue with comfort and I always wear good quality woollen walking socks. I suspect that the well known bush gear brands buy their boots (along with other gear such as ruck-sacks) from suppliers and have them re-badged for their own purposes.

    I suspect, however, you have ‘knocked’ up more kilometres.

    John D

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