SOTA – Boboyan Range

Boboyan Range VK1/AC-044 1489 metres ASL, Namadgi National Park

Sunday 5 July 2015.  Today I’m heading south out of Canberra along Boboyan Road to activate Boboyan Range in Namadgi National Park VKFF-377.  My plan is to activate the peak on 6 & 10m for the SOTA Challenge with good prospects of working VK1 and VK2 chasers on both bands.  Today’s Summit to Summit (S2S) opportunities include Grant VK4JAZ/1 & Al VK1RX both on Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 and Andrew VK1MBE on Mt Coree VK1/AC-023.

Going back to March 2014, Al VK1RX and I were the first to activate this summit after its inclusion in the SOTA program on 1 February 2014.    Details of the activation are at Boboyan Range 30 March 2014.  Since Mar 14 the summit has been activated by Mark VK1EM, Ian VK1DI, and more recently by Peter VK3PF.

Boboyan Range is 65 km south of Canberra, I left home at 07:15 where the temperature was -5 degrees C, yep minus 5, I was expecting a cold start on the summit.  Drive time is 60 minutes along Boboyan Road to a convenient off-road car park.  Al and I found this particular car park last year, this route will save 1 km on the earlier 2014 2km walk.  See the post from March 2014.

Ascent.   Elevation at the start of the walk is 1400 metres ASL 100 metres below the winter snow line. The ascent is 86 metres over 1.2 km taking 30 minutes.

Boboyan Range GPS track log

Boboyan Range GPS track log

Boboyan Range track profile

Boboyan Range track profile

Boboyan Range track profile

SOTA backpack

SOTA backpack

scrub - not to difficult

scrub bash – in comparison to my last adventure at Billy Range, the route to this summit is a pleasant 1.3 km walk

On the summit

VK1NAM SOTA shack of Boboyan Range

VK1NAM SOTA shack of Boboyan Range

Equipment.  I’m carrying a Yaesu FT-857D, Yaesu FT-60R dual band HT, DX-Wire 10 metre squid pole, coax, 6/10/20/40m link dipole, LiPO 4S batteries (2), iPad, 2 litres of water, food, jacket and other bits and pieces.

Arrived on the summit at 08:50 local with no ability to self spot or monitor SOTAWatch, bugger no Telstra mobile signal.  Temperature is a pleasant 7 degrees C that’s 12 degrees warmer than the suburbs of Canberra.  Had a chat with Amanda VK1WX in Canberra via the Mt Ginini 2m repeater.  Amanda has agreed to rally the ‘troops’ around Canberra for contacts on 6 and 10m.  Thanks Amanda.   At the conclusion of the WIA broadcast (23:30 UTC) I called CQ SOTA on 52.2 MHz to work Malcolm VK1AAH, Rob VK1KW and Dean VK1DW.  Thanks guys. 🙂

Moved to 10m 28.475 MHz, 480 was occupied, at 23:45 UTC.  Mark VK1EM assisted with the spot, thanks Mark.  Chasers on 10m included Peter VK1XP, Dan AE9F in California, and Bob VK8BOB in Winnellie NT.  While calling CQ on 10m, Grant VK4JAZ/1 called on 2m simplex from Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 and Graham ‘Dig’ VK2DIG called from a summit Trig near Cooma.  Thanks Grant and Dig, two excellent contacts on 2m FM.  😉

Still operating ‘blind’ and no idea of nearby VK1 SOTA activations I moved to 40m 7.090 MHz.  After checking the frequency was clear, Allen VK3HRA offered to post a spot, thanks Allen.  Following a 5-9 contact with Allen I had the pleasure to work Peter VK3YE/P operating a 40m QRP MDT Double Side Band (DSB) transceiver with 2 watts output, Peter’s signal was 5-7  🙂     MDT DSB is a 40m transceiver kit from Oz QRP, I too purchased the kit last week, I hope to complete the kit later this year, my priority for the next 3 months is completing the AOCP (Full Call) course and passing the exam.

Next on 40m was Amanda VK3FQSO followed by Gerard VK2IO, Rex VK3OF, Chris VK2SR, Adam VK3AGD, Mark VK1EM, Kev VK3KEV, Peter VK3PF, Fred VK3JM, Paul VK2KTT, Adrian VK5FANA, John VK2YW, Glenn VK3YY, Ron VK3AFW, Andrew VK3ARR, Nev VK5WG, Paul VK1ATP, Ken VK3UH, Matt VK2ZMT, Roald VK1MTS, Allen VK5ZLT/P, Peter VK3FPSR, Col VK3LED and Luke VK2LGW.

To find Al and Andrew, I enlisted the help of Mark VK1EM.  I changed bands to 6 and 10m to work Andrew VK1MBE calling CQ on 52.5 MHz from Mt Coree and Al VK1RX calling CQ on 28.440 from Mt Ainslie.  Thanks Andrew and Al for two chaser multipliers and Mark for your updates.

Summary of contacts:  4 chasers on 52.2, 5 on 28.475 and 28 on 40m.  FT857D power settings; 25 watts on 6 & 10m and 10 watts on 40m.  Thanks everyone for lots of ‘radio fun’ from Boboyan Range.

Packed up at 11 am, back to the car by 11:45 for a hot cup of tea and cake. 🙂    At home to write up this post where the outside temperature is now 3.5 degrees   😦

If you read the post from 2014 you may remember Al and I started a stone cairn or at least the early beginnings of a proper stone cairn.  Like Mark, Ian and Peter, I too followed the tradition of adding a few rocks to the cairn.  Here are two pictures to compare the Cairn’s rate of growth.  More SOTA activators required..  😉

New stone Cairn – 2014

new summit cairn

new Boboyan Range Stone Cairn 2014

2015 update

Boboyan Range stone cairn 2015

Boboyan Range Stone Cairn 2015

view of the summit - a pleasant 7 degrees C

view of the summit surrounds – a pleasant 7 degrees C

Namadgi National Park

Namadgi National Park - view from Hospital Hill lookout

Namadgi National Park – view from Hospital Hill lookout off Boboyan Road