VK1 SOTA Party – Sunday 2 August 2015

Hi all SOTA fans

VK1 is planning a simultaneous activation of VK1 and nearby VK2 SOTA summits on Sunday morning 2 August 2015, kicking off at 09:00 local (2300 UTC, 1 August 2015) for 2 to 3 hours.

SOTA/VKFF stations will be operating on:

  • HF SSB:  7 and 14 MHz, other HF frequencies may include 10, 21 and 24 MHz.
  • HF CW:   7, 14 and 28 MHz
  • SOTA 6 and 10m challenge:  50.150 USB, 52.2 USB, 28.460 to 28.490 USB.
  • VHF/UHF: 144.200 SSB & 146.500 FM, 432.200 SSB & 439.00 FM

With less than a day to go, participation in the event is growing, planned activations are :

  • Andrew VK1DA, Castle Hill, VK1/AC-032
  • Ian VK1DI, Mt Majura, VK1/AC-034 (VKFF-851)
  • Roald VK1MTS and John VK1JP, One Tree Hill, VK1/AC-035
  • Grant VK4JAZ, Andrew VK1NAM and Tony VK1VIC, Mt Taylor, VK1/AC-037 (VKFF-854)
  • Paul VK1ATP and Marcus VK3TST, Mt Ainslie, VK1/AC-040 (VKFF-850)
  • Adan VK1FJAW, Black Mountain, VK1/AC-042 (VKFF-834)
  • Mark VK1EM, Mt Stromlo, VK1AC-043
  • Al VK1RX, Mount McDonald, VK1/AC-048
  • Gerard VK2IO, Mt Bindo, VK2/CT-003
  • Nick VK2AOH, VK2/CT-012 (CW only)
  • Tony VK3CAT, Briarty Hill, VK3/VC-029
  • Allen VK3HRA, Mt Buninyong, VK3/VC-018

Interest in the activity has stepped up a level with the inclusion of VK2 and VK3 summits.  Activators are looking forward to chaser and S2S contacts on 28 and 52 MHz (SOTA 6 & 10 m challenge).

All activations are subject to weather and change.  Check SOTAWatch for timing and frequency details.

Road access to Mt Ginini via Mt Franklin Road is closed at Bulls Head.  Check ACT Govt TAMS website for Rural Roads closures.

If you would like to join in on the VK1 SOTA Party contact me via the ‘Contact’ page or visit the SOTA_Australia (Yahoo) site and reply to the post ‘VK1 SOTA Party – 2 August 2015’.

List of VK1 SOTA summits:   http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?region=796

SOTA blogs covering the 2014 VK1 SOTA Party can be found at:
2014 planning
Andrew VK1NAM Castle Hill
Ian VK1DI – Mt Coree
Paul VK1ATM – Mt Ainslie
Gerard VK2IO – Mt Tootie
Garry VK2GAZ – Mt Tootie
Garry VK2GAZ and Gerard VK2IO on YouTube

73, Andrew VK1NAM

Post event note. The event was mostly a washout with 25 mm (1 inch) of rain.  The VK1 SOTA group has agreed to postpone the event to the last day of Winter being Sunday 30 August 2015.  The event will be promoted as a joint activity to celebrate the VK2 SOTA 2nd Anniversary 1 September 2015 and the VK1 SOTA Winter QSO.

Last update 10 August 2015

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  2. Andrew, put an alert out yesterday for VK3?VC-029 for 2/8/15 at 00:01 hrs. Time approx. Cheers Tony VK3CAT

  3. Hi Andrew, I’d be interested in participating in the SOTA party. I’ll contact you privately.

    Cheers, Roald VK1MTS

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