SOTA – Europe DX Friday evening from Mt Ainslie

Hi SOTA fans

Friday, 21 August 2015.  I took an opportunity after work to try out Mt Ainslie for SOTA DX. Operating a Yaesu FT-857D at 30 watts on 14.310 MHz proved successful for long path contacts with amateur radio operators in Europe and short path to Asia, in this case Japan. The DX session lasted for 40 minutes leading up to Canberra’s (VK1) sunset at 07:40 UTC.   I did listen for F4ESK activating F/AM-144 on 14.290 MHz, unfortunately nothing received at Mt Ainslie.  😉

Posted the first SOTA spot with SOTA Goat at 06:52 UTC, made my first CQ SOTA call at 06:53 UTC and within seconds the first chaser was Walter DK1BN in Bonn.  A pileup followed for the best part of 40 minutes until the last DX chaser Manuel EA2DT called just as the sun was setting over the Brindabell Ranges 35 km west of Mt Ainslie. Manuel is a regular summit chaser living in Spain.  Eight unique countries in the log:  Austria, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Slovenia and Spain all on voice SSB.

Apart from the cool contacts into Europe, the surprise contact was Tony VK3CAT on 14.310 MHz, with a 5-9 signal for short skip between Canberra and Melbourne 466 km south-west of Mt Ainslie.  Hmm 20m behaving like 40m most unusual, anyway an amazing ‘armchair’ copy, thanks Tony you picked a good time to turn the rig on.   😎

Long haul contacts, 3500 km over the Great Australian Bight to Western Australia, for regular VK6 chasers were Peter VK6RZ and John VK6NU.

Local Summit to Summit (S2) contacts included:  Andrew VK1DA at Black Mountain, Adan VK1FJAW at Isaacs Ridge and Roald VK1MTS visiting Mt Stromlo.  Local VK1 chasers were Mark VK1EM and Grant VK4JAZ/1.

Mt Ainslie summit is a WWFF registered Nature Reserve VKFF-850.  Thanks everyone for chasing Mt Ainslie on 20m.  The 20m band (14 MHz) has proven yet again to be an exciting band for long path contacts between VK1 and Europe, 22,700 km.   🙂

SOTA equipment: Yaesu FT-857D, 4S 4.2Ah LiFePO4 battery, homebrew Link Dipole 6/10/20/40m, 7 metre squid pole, iPad, and a Yaesu HT FT60R.

Extract of my SOTA activator’s log from Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040, 21 August 2015.   Out of interest, the total QSO count for Mt Ainslie is now 1768 QSOs, a popular summit to activate and chase.

My Summit UTC Band Mode Callsign S2S Details
VK1/AC-040 6:53 14MHz SSB DK1BN Walter S57 R54 Bonn, Germany
VK1/AC-040 6:55 14MHz SSB F4CUO Roland S57 R55 France
VK1/AC-040 6:57 14MHz SSB IZ8EFD Mike S59 R55 Italy
VK1/AC-040 6:58 14MHz SSB G0RQL Don S58 R55 England
VK1/AC-040 7:00 14MHz SSB VK6RZ Peter S58 R55 W.A.
VK1/AC-040 7:00 14MHz SSB VK1EM Mark S59 R59 Canberra
VK1/AC-040 7:01 14MHz SSB G6TUH Mike S59 R44 England
VK1/AC-040 7:02 14MHz SSB S57S Alexander S58 R53 Slovenia
VK1/AC-040 7:03 14MHz SSB OE8SKQ Stefan S59 R57 Austria
VK1/AC-040 7:06 14MHz SSB JH1XUM Hiroshi S57 R55 Japan
VK1/AC-040 7:07 14MHz SSB EA1ASG Serafin S59 R59 Spain
VK1/AC-040 7:09 14MHz SSB F4EMG Olivier S58 R54 France
VK1/AC-040 7:11 14MHz SSB IZ5MDD Alfredo S59 R58 Italy
VK1/AC-040 7:12 144MHz FM VK1DA/P VK1/AC-042 Andrew S2S VK1/AC-042 S59 R59
VK1/AC-040 7:15 144MHz FM VK4JAZ/P Grant portable S59 R59
VK1/AC-040 7:15 14MHz SSB EA2DT Manuel S58 R51 Spain
VK1/AC-040 7:18 14MHz SSB VK6NU John S55 R52 W.A.
VK1/AC-040 7:34 7MHz SSB VK1FJAW/P VK1/AC-041 Adan S2S VK1/AC-041 S59 R58
VK1/AC-040 7:49 144MHz FM VK1MTS VK1/AC-043 Roald S2S VK1/AC-043 S59 R59