SOTA – Proposed 3 ‘Gin’ Peak Weekend

Saturday 26 September 2015.  Proposed SOTA activations to gain the 1000 point SOTA Mountain Goat Award.

  • Mt Gingera VK1/AC-002 1845 metres ASL – 10 points.
  • Mt Ginger Ale VK1/AC-007 1770 metres ASL – 8 points, last activated in 2013.  This activation will be the 3rd activation in 2.5 years.  Previous activators Wayne VK3WAM and myself.
  • Mt Ginini VK1/AC-008 1760 metres ASL – 8 points.

My current SOTA activator score is 991 which means I need a further 9 points to claim the SOTA Mountain Goat Award.  Fortunately as luck would have it, the ACT western border with NSW is free of snow therefore Mt Ginini, Mt Gingera and Mt Ginger Ale are accessible from Mt Ginini car park, albeit with some distance to walk.

Mt Gingera VK1/AC-002 is my favourite ACT summit with commanding views of the ACT Namadgi National Park and the Bimberi Wilderness Nature Reserve.  For SOTA purposes the summit is a 10 point peak and winter bonus points apply. 😉

Al VK1RX has volunteered to join me for a 3 SOTA peak weekend starting early Saturday morning with a 7km walk/ascent to Mt Gingera summit at 1845 metres ASL where I hope to gain the 1000th activator point.   After activating Mt Gingera we return to Mt Franklin Road fire trail then pick up the pace for a 5 km walk to Black Fellows Gap where we will set up an overnight camp.  Late Saturday afternoon we plan to activate Mt Ginger Ale 1770 metres ASL, a 270 metre ascent 1.5 km west of Black Fellows Gap.  The activation of Mt Ginger Ale will second as a VKFF Parks activation for the  Bimberi Wilderness Nature Reserve VKFF-983, a recent addition to the VKFF Award program by Paul VK5PAS.

For the latest on VK1 VKFF nature reserves visit Ian VK1DI’s blog at

After an overnight stay at Black Fellows Gap, Sunday morning will be occupied by a 12 km up hill walk back to Mt Ginini car park for lunch followed by short 30 minute activation of Mt Ginini summit.  Total activator points on offer 35 while the return walk will be 24 km 🙂

Radio equipment:  HT Yaesu FT60R, Yaesu FT817, antennas 2m SlimJim and a HF link dipole for 6/10/20/40m, batteries three 3S 2.2 Ah LiPo, antenna support 10 metre  DX-Wire telescopic pole.   Throughout Saturday and Sunday Al and I will monitor Mt Ginini 2m repeater 146.950 MHz.

Post update: My backpack weight is 22kg.

Below, two Oz Topo maps with the planned routes overlayed. I wonder what drink the original surveyors had in their backpack?

Mt Gingera route

Mt Gingera route 7 km

Mt Ginger Ale route

Mt Ginger Ale route via Black Fellows Gap 12 km

Photos from previous activations

Summit of Mt Gingera

on the summit - on top of the world!

on the summit – on top of the world!

VK1NAM SOTA Shack on Mt Gingera

VK1NAM SOTA Shack on Mt Gingera (Sep 14)

link dipole supported by a 7 metre squid pole

Mt Gingera Trig supporting the HF antenna (Sep 14)

View south-west to Mt Ginger Ale

Foreground Mt Ginger Ale AC-007. On the horizon the Snowy Mountain peaks

Foreground Mt Ginger Ale VK1/AC-007.  On the horizon the Snowy Mountain peaks (Sep 14)

Mt Ginger Ale

Mt Ginger Ale summit Rock Cairn

Mt Ginger Ale summit Rock Cairn

HF Antenna on Mt Ginger Ale

HF Antenna on Mt Ginger Ale (Mar 13)

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9 thoughts on “SOTA – Proposed 3 ‘Gin’ Peak Weekend

  1. Good luck with your activations, Andrew. WX is looking favourable so you should achieve MG. Will try and work you if I can though I could be just inside the 40m skip zone for Mt Gingera. Great pick for MG BTW – really enjoyed the view from there myself.
    Cheers, Gerard – VK2IO

  2. Thanks Paul. We have a local beer known as Kosciuszko Ale. Mt Kosciuszko is Australia’s highest peak. I can justify the extra weight of two Kosciuszko Ales in the backpack. 😉

  3. Andrew

    Being on the cusp of MG status has to feel amazingly good only, I imagine, to be surpassed by actually becoming one.

    Hike safely and have a beer for me afterwards!

    Paul W6PNG

  4. HI Andrew
    I hope you get your 1000 points and I hope some of the signals get to SA! Best wishes to you both.
    John D

  5. Thanks Garry the Wx is looking good, as for 40m band conditions it’s looking a little bleak. 144.2 USB will be the frequency of choice. Cheers 🙂

  6. Andrew VK1NAM,

    I am sure you will achieve your goal of 1000 points, all the best and stay safe.

    Garry VK2GAZ

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