Amateur Radio – Advanced Theory Course for AOCP(A)

In April this year I enrolled in the Radio & Electronics School Amateur Operator’s Certificate of Proficiency Advanced Theory course.  The Advanced Theory course runs for 22 weeks, which if you are working full-time like me, the time to study and work through assignments is manageable.  I recommend the course to anyone interested in working towards the Advanced Licence.

Today, I sat the Advance Theory exam and passed, yippee!  The administrative process to receive a ‘Full Call’ licence takes somewhere in the order of six weeks.  In the meantime you may hear ‘VK1NAM’ a little longer.   🙂

Thanks to the VK1 SOTA crew for your encouragement.  Is CW next on the list?  dit dit dit dah, dah dit dah, dit dah dah dah dah, dit dah, dah dit dit.   😎

Biggest issue I now face, what to do with this SOTA blog site “Get out of the Radio Shack and Live Life”?  I made the fundamental mistake of using ‘vk1nam’ in the url.  Do I drop the site or leave it on-line?  There are hundreds of links from my blog to many more interesting SOTA blogs and just as many pointing back.  😮

Happy to receive your thoughts, should I drop the site or leave it up for SOTA enthusiasts to refer to?

73, Andrew VK1NAM (for now)



15 thoughts on “Amateur Radio – Advanced Theory Course for AOCP(A)

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  2. Hi Andrew,

    Well done on the upgrade. I look forward to working the new call, be at as chaser or activator.

    One minor issue: the “t” only goes after the “di” if it is the last character of the letter being sent, so the new call will hopefully be:
    di di di dah dah di dah di dah dah dah dah di dah dah di dit


    Peter VK3PF

  3. Congratulations on both Mountain Goat and the Advanced upgrade!

    As for WordPress, I’d keep it – depends if you are also keeping the licence (1NAM) like many do.

  4. Andrew

    Congrats on the advanced exam result. Well executed study plan.

    I would keep the site until or unless there is a reason to change it.

    You may be able to copy all the content to a new wordpress account by using the backup and restore process. But leave the site as is, with links to the new one.

    If a future holder of vk1nam wanted to use it you could consider deleting the account then, but all your content would be on the new one by then.

    73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH

  5. Congratulation Andrew, it will be strange not hearing the “nam” call coming from mountain tops but I am sure your new call will become just as well respected as VK1NAM.

    Cheers, Garry

  6. I often refer to your for antenna ideas, and have suggested your ideas to others who are getting into SOTA. It’s a valuable resource, so my vote would be to leave it up. Well done on the upgrade, btw.
    Bryan VK3FOAB

    • Congratulations on gaining your AOCP(A). well worth the hard work
      catch you on a summit soon

  7. Andrew

    Congratulations on passing the exam.

    You have a great web site and it would be a great shame for it to disappear!

    Despite being out of VK land the posts on antennas, operating etc are relevant but more importantly sites like yours in the US are valuable sources for SOTA folk activating in VK land. Last but not least your posts are very complete with maps etc and have served to help me evolve the style of mine.

    My vote; KEEP THE SITE UP

    Paul W6PNG

  8. I’d say keep the website – it has a lot of useful information on it for other operators on various summits, and also serves as a record of your SOTA journey.

  9. Hello Andrew
    Congratulations on gaining your AOCP(A). I think your approach of undertaking a course is the best idea: spaced learning is better than cramming. And I would be confident that the School would build the learning process and assessments sequentially, that is, step by step so each new topic assumes a knowledge of the one which went before. If only more people took this approach rather than a ‘dipping’ into the text book’ style, where learning can often be superficial and haphazard. Now for a new call!

    John D
    dah dah dit dit dit – dit dit dit dah dah

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