Sunday – 6m Es between VK1 and VK5

Sunday 22 November 2015 – A nice 6m Sporadic E opening at 02:30 UTC on 50.125 and 50.160 MHz USB between VK1 (Canberra) and VK5 (Adelaide).  I worked Phil VK5RM in Adelaide approximately 960 km (600 miles) as the crow flies due west of Canberra.  My rig is a Yaesu FT-897 operating at 80 watts into a homebrew 6m 1/2 wave vertical antenna with the base of the antenna mounted 1 metre above a 6m x 4m flat galvanized iron garage roof.  Signal reports were 5-9 to Phil and 5-5 in reply.

To alert other VK1s to the 6m opening I used my VK1 SOTA SMS list.  A local VK1 pile up kept Phil busy for 15 to 20 minutes.  🙂

22 Nov 15 6m opening between Canberra and Adelaide

22 Nov 15 – 6m opening at 02:30 UTC between Canberra and Adelaide on 50.125 MHz

Homebrew 6m 1/2 wave vertical antenna

6m 1/2 wave vertical completed

6m 1/2 wave vertical completed (all joints were later sealed)

matching coil

Low impedance to High impedance matching coil – details to follow

temporary mounting for coil adjustment

temporary mounting for adjustment of the tap position on the impedance matching coil

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