Proposed SOTA Activation – Tidbinbilla Mountain VK1/AC-013

SOTA plans for Monday 28 December 2015

Tidbinbilla Mountain is a dominant feature on Canberra’s western skyline rising 760 meters above the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.  The summit is within the Namadgi National Park boundary, therefore the activation counts as a Parks activation for VKFF-0377.  The ascent and descents will each take 4 hours leaving 1 hour for the SOTA/Park activation.  As a guide for chasers and activators planning S2S opportunities, I hope to be on air prior to 0200 UTC.  😉

Wx forecast:  Partly cloudy, 25 degrees C with light winds, perfect for a summer SOTA activation

Previous activation:  Only one activation since February 2013, on Saturday 10 October 2015 Adan VK1FJAW activated the peak on 2m simplex 146.500 FM working 6 VK1 chasers.   With the exception of chasers in Canberra, Tidbinbilla Mt has the potential to be a new unique for enthusiastic SOTA chasers in VK and overseas.

My plan is to activate the peak on as many bands as time will permit. (thank goodness for daylight savings!).  My focus will be on 6m 52.2 and 50.150 MHz and 10m 28.480 – 28.490 MHz.    Adan VK1FJAW will accompany me for an opportunity to activate the peak on 28 MHz for the SOTA 6 & 10m Challenge.    Local VK1 and nearby VK2 chasers can liaise via Mt Ginini 2m Repeater, 146.950 MHz FM tone 91.5.

Equipment: FT-60R Dual Band HT, FT-817ND (QRP), HF antenna link dipole 6/10/20/30/40m, batteries two 3S 12 volt LiPo, 10m squid pole.  Garmin 64S, compass and map, plus food and water for the day.  🙂


  • Ascent (Dark Grey) 737 metres over 3.6 km (4 hrs)
  • Descent (Blue) 766 metres over 5.6 km  (4 hrs)
Tidbinbilla Mt GPS track logs courtesy of John Evans and Adan VK1FJAW

Tidbinbilla Mt GPS track logs courtesy of John Evans (dark grey) and Adan VK1FJAW (blue)

Tidbinbilla Mt Track Profile

Tidbinbilla Mt ascent track profile courtesy of John Evans

Tidbinbilla ascent data

Tidbinbilla Ascent Data courtesy of John Evans

If you read Adan’s post you will note Adan lost a 10m DX-Wire squid pole during his ascent.  For the ascent we plan to follow Adan’s GPS track log from 10 October 2015.  Adan is keen to retrieve/rescue his pole from Tidbinbilla Mountain.  😉

Hope to chat with you on air Monday.  For those interested in the SOTAWatch summit information page the name of the reference point ‘Tidbinbilla Peak’ is incorrect however the Latitude and Longitude coordinates are correct. The name or highest point above sea level is Tidbinbilla Mountain at 1605m ASL, Tidbinbilla Peak is 1.5 km north-east at 1562m ASL.

Reference / Links
Tidbinbilla Ascent Track Log (13 June 2015)  In Johnny Boy’s Walkabout blog from  (accessed 26 Dec 15)

Tidbinbilla Descent Track Log (10 October 2015) In Adan VK1 blog from  (accessed 26 Dec 15)


2 thoughts on “Proposed SOTA Activation – Tidbinbilla Mountain VK1/AC-013

  1. Good Luck Andrew,
    Will be listening in on 10M from Townsville, QLD. Only have a Buddipole and KX3 so won,t get to hopeful!


    • Hi Chris, The Townsville 10m beacon is frequently heard in Canberra. If you have time on Monday, please monitor SOTAWatch for live spots. 73 Andrew VK1AD.

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