SOTA – Tidbinbilla Mountain 1111 Summit to Summit contacts

Monday 28 December 2015.  After yesterday’s activation of Tidbinbilla Mountain VK1/AC-013 (a hard 4 hour ascent) my S2S contacts are 1111, a nice set of numbers that for no particular reason looks good!  The binary of 1111 is 15, in this case as useless fact.  😉

Yesterday’s summit to summit contacts on 28.490 MHz were:  Tony VK1VIC/2 and Peter VK2FPMC/P both operating from the summit of Mt Mundoonen VK2/ST-053 near Yass and Peter VK3PF/P operating from Mt Granya VK3/VE-165 near Albury/Wodonga.

VK1AD SOTA Summit to Summit results

VK1AD SOTA Summit to Summit results – 1111 contacts for 5065 points

SOTA Summit to Summit Activity 1 January 2016

Following the New Year (2016) activations around Australia, I suspect a couple of VKs will be closing in on 5000 S2S points.  Australia is blessed with having the UTC day change occur at 1100 am Eastern Summer Time.  That means on Friday 1 January 2016 VK activators can activate the same peak in two calendar years, in 2015 before 11am and 2016 after 11am local.  In each case the activator is awarded the summit points once in each calendar year.  This creates a frenzy of amateur radio activity on peaks around Australia in the period 2300 UTC (31 Dec 15) through to 0100 UTC (01 Jan 16).  If you are a holder of a VK amateur radio licence, listen in on 40m Friday morning and call a SOTA activator.  If you don’t have an amateur radio licence you can listen to the activity via the internet through the VK3 Web SDR.

In the screen shot below the waterfall shows a conversation on 7065 kHz Lower Side Band.  In this case the vertical cursor is set to 7065 kHz, the default bandpass filter (3kHz) is 7062 to 7065 kHz.   On Friday the activity will be centered around 7090 kHz, however with at least 20 activators planned to be on a summit somewhere in Australia, I suspect you will find SOTA activators using frequencies higher in the band.

VK3 Web SDR operated by John VK3LP:


VK3 Web SDR tuned to 7065 kHz (7.065 MHz)

Adventures of Tidbinbilla Mountain ascent to follow in the next day or so 🙂

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John VK3LP VK3 Web SDR (n.d) from (accessed 29 Dec 15)


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