SOTA – Platinum 5000 points Summit to Summit Award

Thursday 10 December 2015.  Andrew VK1DA and Adan VK1FJAW will activate Livingstone Hill near the township of Michelago 57 km south of Canberra for 6 activator points.  My SOTA Summit to Summit (S2S) score is 4994 points, 6 points short of 5000.  Two days earlier I called Grant VK4JAZ/1 to ask if he would like to activate Mt Majura for the first time, I also explained I had an opportunity to chase Andrew and Adan at Livingstone Hill for 6 S2S points, which if I can make a successful S2S contact will advance my S2S point total to 5000 points.

Grant and I arrived at Mt Majura Trig at 17:40 local taking a further 15 minutes to set up. You can read Grant’s blog post by selecting this link.

My first chaser on 10m 28.480 MHz was Peter VK1XP followed by Matt VK1MA.  Called CQ SOTA for 5 minutes or so when Andrew VK1DA answered with a ‘Summit to Summit‘ booming out of the FT-857D speaker for my 1090th S2S contact.  The next chaser was Adan VK1FJAW also at Livingstone Hill.   At 0719 UTC 10 December 2015, 2 years and 10 months after my first SOTA S2S contact, which by the way was with Andrew VK1DA at Mt Taylor on 40m, I became the first VK SOTA activator to make 5000 Summit to Summit points through 1090 S2S contacts with VK and overseas stations.

Thanks to Andrew and Adan for the opportunity to work you both from Mt Majura on 10m.   A big thanks to all SOTA activators here in VK and overseas who through their own S2S planning have contributed to this award.  I am very proud to be the first VK SOTA activator to achieve 5000 S2S points for the pinnacle of all SOTA Awards.   😉

Today I received the Platinum endorsed SOTA Summit to Summit Award Certificate issued by Barry GM4TOE, SOTA Awards Manager.  🙂

VK1AD Platinum Summit to Summit Award 5000 points

VK1AD Platinum Summit to Summit Award 5000 points

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