SOTA 28 MHz – VK1 to the Isle of Man, Corsica and Russia

Friday 5 February 2016, Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 843 metres ASL VKFF-0850.  Space Weather Services (Australia) has reported 25% enhanced Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF) conditions for Canberra since 09:00 local.  At the time I didn’t capture a screen shot of the MUF report.  The screen shot below is an example of SWS reporting enhance conditions for Sunday 7 February 2016, in fact the enhanced conditions have continued since Friday morning through the weekend.  I left work at 16:30 local to activate Mt Ainslie thinking I might be able to work amateur radio stations in Japan on the 10m band 28 MHz and at a stretch perhaps Europe short path for the SOTA 10m Challenge.  I had no particular thought of working stations in Denmark, England, France, Norway, Russia, Slovenia and Wales.  🙂

SOTA Gear:  Rig Yaesu FT-857, batteries 4S LiFePO4 4.2 and 8.4 Ah, antenna OE9RHV design 10m J-Pole, antenna support 10m DX-Wire telescopic pole.

Weather conditions:  Cloudy 18 degrees C, wind 20 – 30 km/h (cool) from the south-east

Started the activation at 0600 UTC (5 pm local) calling CQ for what seemed ages before working Matt VK1MA at 0611 UTC, continued calling CQ for another 10 minutes when Andrew VK2UH at Yass offered at 5-3 report.  I check for the Adelaide and Townsville 10m beacons, Townsville was S5, nothing heard of the VK5 beacon.  I heard a CW beacon on 28.292, after checking with Andrew VK1DA he had an idea the beacon is located in the Cook Islands.   By now 28 minutes had passed and only 2 contacts on 10m 28.490 MHz.  Oh boy this is slow work and I wondered if I should stick around for another 30 minutes or call it quits now?   I decided to stay but only to work a fellow VK1 SOTA activator Tony VK1VIC/p setting up his SOTA station at the summit of Mt Taylor VK1/AC-037, after that I will head home.  The S2S with Tony VK1VIC occurred as planned.

After the S2S with Tony I worked two local callsigns Nick VK1NS and Mike VK1OO yet again sparking me interest to continue with the activation.  At 07:10 UTC I heard two JA callsigns elsewhere on the band, a sign the band may be opening to Asia.  The JAs were bogged down in a DX pileup, I called three or four times but neither JA station heard me.  At 0725 UTC I heard Alexsander’s callsign S57S from Slovenia calling on 28.490 MHz, I have worked Alexsander before but only on 20m 14.310 MHz.  I joined the queue of callers waiting patiently for an opening, at this point the 857D was set to 25 watts.  After 5 minutes of listening I called ‘VK1 SOTA’ and to my surprise Alexsander responded with a weak signal report, this gave rise to a quick revision of the radio output power setting to 50 watts.  At 07:32 UTC we exchanged 5-6 and 4-3 signal reports to complete my first 10m SOTA contact with central Europe, Alexsander thanked me for the SOTA summit and VKFF reference VKFF-0850.

With 10m open to Europe I posted a new spots on SOTAWatch and the DX cluster.   30 minutes passed working one local contact Matt VK1MT mobile.  I continued calling CQ DX when at 0800 UTC Cyril TK4RB from Corsica Island in the Mediterranean Sea (IOTA EU-014) responded to my callsign.  By now the Grey Line was forming with 1 hour and 15 minutes before sunset in VK and sunrise occurring in Eastern Europe and Russia.

After a successful contact with Cyril TK4RB I refreshed my SOTA and DX Cluster spots.  During the last hour of VK sunlight stations called from Russia, Wales, England, Denmark and Norway and a second IOTA contact this time Bob MD0CCE calling from the Isle of Man IOTA EU-116 in the Irish Sea, between the UK and Ireland.  The last hour of daylight is normally reserved for long path contacts into Europe using 14 MHz, to find 10m open short-path was very exciting and a first for me from a VK1 SOTA peak.  For anyone interested in a 10m contact I will try again next week.  😉

My last contact 6 minutes before VK1 sunset was Torg LA4UOA in Norway for a S58 R55 signal report.  I am very pleased I persisted with the activation and didn’t leave the summit after the S2S with Tony VK1VIC.  🙂

Thanks everyone for a terrific evening operating from Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040, also Canberra Nature Reserve VKFF-0850 in Australia’s Capital Territory.  I will try EU and Russia short path next week from Mt Taylor VK1/AC-037, also VKFF-0854 Mt Taylor Nature Reserve.  Please look for my SOTA alert later in the week.

For Herbert OE9HRV, I constructed a 10m J-Pole antenna using your design specifications, I must say the antenna was perfect for this occasion.  🙂

Photos: © Copyright 2016 Andrew VK1AD

looking east from the navigation beacon

looking east from the navigation beacon – 10m DX-Wire telescopic pole supporting a 10m J-Pole (OE9HRV)

View west

View west

VK1AD SOTA at the summit of Mt Ainslie

VK1AD SOTA at the summit of Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040 843 metres ASL

VK1AD SOTA Shack Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040

VK1AD SOTA Shack Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040

VK1AD SOTA activator log – Mt Ainslie VK1/AC-040  5 February 2106

Time Call Band Mode Notes
06:11z VK1MA 28MHz SSB Matt S59 R59
06:28z VK2UH 28MHz SSB Andrew S55 R53
06:50z VK1VIC/P 28MHz SSB Tony S2S VK1/AC-037 S59 R59
06:51z VK2VIC/1 28MHz SSB Tony S2S VK1/AC-037 S59 R59
07:01z VK1NS 28MHz SSB Nick S59 R55
07:03z VK5NS/1 28MHz SSB Nick S59 R55
07:18z VK1OO 28MHz SSB Mike S59 R56
07:32z S57S 28MHz SSB Aleksander S56 R43 Slovenia
07:42z VK1MT/M 28MHz SSB Matt S59 R59
08:01z TK4RB 28MHz SSB Cyril S55 R51  Corsica, France  IOTA EU-014
08:15z RY3D 28MHz SSB Oleg S58 R55  Russia
08:24z UA9KB 28MHz SSB Sergey S59 R55  Russia
08:25z R2AGM 28MHz SSB S59 R55  Russia
08:27z MW0ZZK 28MHz SSB Steve S58 R52  Wales
08:30z R3TGB 28MHz SSB Sergey S58 R55  Russia
08:31z R1AC 28MHz SSB Alexander S59 R59  Russia
08:34z UA5D 28MHz SSB Igor S58 R59  Russia
08:35z R1DX 28MHz SSB Victor S59 R57 Russia
08:38z VK1MTS 28MHz SSB Roald S59 R59
08:44z UI8U 28MHz SSB Alexander S58 R55  Russia
08:46z UA3DOA 28MHz SSB Alexe S58 R58  Russia
08:53z MD0CCE 28MHz SSB Bob S56 R55  Isle of Man, IOTA EU-116
08:56z M0MDA 28MHz SSB Mick S55 R42  UK
09:04z OZ5HP 28MHz SSB Henn S58 R53  Denmark
09:06z LA4UOA 28MHz SSB Torg S58 R55  Norway

Example of SWS Vertical Maximum Usable Frequency (MUF) reporting

Example of SWS reporting enhanced conditions for HF

Example of SWS reporting enhanced conditions at 2200 UTC 6 February 2016


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    • Thanks Paul, yes working from the south to north hemispheres is a personal reward. BTW, I am still searching for a US activator to make a S2S contact between W and VK. 😉

  2. Great research Andrew, in the shack and again in the field. Paying dividends!
    Must look into the 10M jpole


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