SOTA – Bobbara Mountain on 70 cm

Tomorrow morning, Sunday 10 April I plan to activate Bobbara Mountain VK2/ST-044 on 2m and 70 cm, to coincide with VHF Dx Net from 2200 UTC (8 am local).

I will call CQ SOTA on 144.160 MHz or 432.160 MHz USB. Please check SOTAWatch for live spots. I plan to operate from the summit for about 2 hours.

On 70 cm my challenge is to make a valid contact with a station greater than 188 km from Bobbara Mountain. Wish me luck!.

Bobbara Mountain, Grid QF45HI, Southern Tablelands, NSW

Photos: © Copyright 2016 Andrew VK1AD


Distances and bearings from Bobbara Mountain:

Canberra  87 km at 146 degrees
Wagga Wagga  125 km 244 degrees
Batemans Bay 188 km 130 degrees
Sydney  255 km 71 degrees
Kinglake  422 km 223 degrees
Melbourne  480 km 221 degrees
Ballarat  533 km 231 degrees