Birthday in Birch Vale UK

For my birthday, my wife and I have returned to my birth town of Birch Vale in the UK.  Birch Vale is in the Peak District of Derbyshire, between New Mills and Hayfield.  The population of Birch Vale is about 2000.

We are staying at the Waltzing Weisel, a BnB in the center of Birch Vale.

It’s 6 am, my wife and I are both enjoying a fine cup of English tea.  Later today I hope to ascend Shining Tor with Mike 2E0YYY for my first UK SOTA activation.

The view looking north through our bedroom window.  👍






7 thoughts on “Birthday in Birch Vale UK

  1. Hello Andrew,
    Happy birthday and I hope you and your wife have a great pilgrimage in the UK. It must be really good to go back to your first home location and re-trace some memories. A few SOTA peaks are but mere icing in the cake! I hope you get lots of contacts.
    John D

  2. Happy birthday Andrew,

    Never realized you are a fellow Brit that has wandered to shores afar.

    Paul W6PNG

  3. Happy Birthday, Andrew!
    Hope you make plenty of contacts from Shining Tor – should be able to work VK via the short path at about that time, the only problem being that it will be 4:30am here. Would be great to catch a S2S with you at some later activation.
    Cheers, Gerard – VK2IO.

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