First Austrian summit – Schober OE/OO-265

Saturday 28 May 2016.  Today is day two in Austria in the township of Zell am Moos near Salzburg.  My wife’s cousin has a brilliant idea, let’s climb Schober 1328 metres ASL (Grid JN6TPT) looking out over the townships of Mondsee and Zell am Moos.  Ordinarily I would carry amateur radio equipment in my backpack for a SOTA activation, however on this ocassion the radio gear is at home in Canberra so the empty space in my backpack is now the host for water, food and beer.

Today’s forecast is for a sunny day, temperature will be close to 25 Celsius, perfect for a mountain ascent.

Had loads of fun climbing this peak, a much easier ascent than a summit of similar height in Canberra (VK1) Mt Tennant VK1AC/025, 1384 m ASL.  Starting from a base of 900 metres the vertical ascent of Schorber is approximately 400 metres taking about one hour to complete.  On the other hand Mt Tennant rises 780 vertical metres and the walking trail is 7 km, very steep taking 2.5 hours.

Once at the peak of Schober my wife and I completed the summit log book.  The book is stored in a metal container at the base of the summit cross.  After a ceremonial touching of the cross we found a small vacant patch on the summit to sit and enjoy lunch and a beer.  My wife’s cousin informed me of a long standing family tradition where beer is consumed at the peak of the mountain as a celebration of your achievement then later after completing the descent a second session of beer consumption takes place at a local Gasthous (Guesthouse or Inn) or as we say in Australia at a Pub. Both options are fine with me, I really enjoyed my one ration of beer at the summit. 😉

No SOTA contacts or an amateur radio log book to complete, just the simple pleasure of climbing my first Austrian mountain, which I am guessing is a ‘warm up’ ascent for now. The mountains around these parts get taller, much taller.

Schafberg is a big mountain with a similar height ASL to that of Mt Ginini VK1/AC-008. One way or another I will find a way to get to the summit of Schafberg. 😀

Photos: © Copyright 2016 Andrew VK1AD

walking track information board

yep, that rock up there is the summit

The cross at the summit of Schober is an important religious symbol but also serves as a marker for the highest point above sea level.

view north to Zell am Moos and lake Irrsee. To the right the township of Mondsee and a lake by the same name ‘Mondsee’

view south-east in the distance Schafberg OE/SB-216 rising to a peak of 1782 m ASL. I do want to activate Schafberg .

view south -so many SOTA peaks. Krippenstein OE/OO-012 is somewhere on south-east horizon (left side of the picture). A trip planned for Sunday 29 May 16. 🙂

after the descent we celebrated our achievements with a beer at the Wartenfels Gasthaus (Guesthouse, Inn or Pub).


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  1. Every summit climbed (conquered?) is one for the books, Andrew. Well done, and nice to have your wife up there with you too this time.

  2. Fantastic views – the “beer at the summit” is an interesting tradition! Could this be a new activation requirement? 73 Andrew VK1DA

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