Icom IC-7300 has arrived – My next SOTA Rig?

My first Icom purchase, I have been a Yaesu Ham for 26 years!  Fear not I have no desire to drop this rig, a black box of digital SDR goodness (latest sweet buttery French crosissant from Icom) in the SOTA backpack or replace my FT-857D as my primary SOTA rig, it weighs in at 4.2 kg.  On the other hand protecting the IC-7300 with 15 layers of bubble wrap may do the job for a ‘once only’ SOTA activation!  I’m keen to try-out the IC-7300 SDR on a SOTA peak and I can’t think of a better place to be for a winter activation, yep you guessed it, scrub bashing and rock climbing at Booroomba Rocks!  Perhaps a drive-up summit with a park bench, say Mt Stromlo is a better choice?   I will keep you posted. πŸ˜‰

Icom IC-7300 SDR transciever

Icom IC-7300 SDR transceiver

4.2 kg

4.2 kg, I will have to sacrifice a few items in the backpack

Should I carry the IC-7300 to Booroomba Rocks?

view from the center knoll to the summit of Booroomba Rocks

Booroomba Rocks summit VK1/AC-026

VK1AD SOTA shack at the summit of Booroomba Rocks

Dec 2015 – VK1AD SOTA shack at the summit of Booroomba Rocks



8 thoughts on “Icom IC-7300 has arrived – My next SOTA Rig?

  1. Congratulations on the new rig. Its too shiny and expensive to take out in the field. let us know Andrew how the display holds up outdoors. I have not seen a qrper or SOTA review on this new Icom

  2. Beautiful rig mate! Can’t wait to hear more on your thoughts on the radio, I like the audio the 7300 produces, very pleasing & hardly any fatigue.

  3. So, Andrew, how do you like it? I’m keen to hear reviews and comments from Vks who are active and used to our band conditions. –vk3hn,

  4. The 7300 is on my list of future rigs. I’m eager to hear how it works out as a /sota rig: its a good weight but the dimensions seem on the larger side for packing in. David/AA3II

  5. The price vs features has certainly set a new bench mark for amateur radios. Great to see so much development.


  6. HI Andrew
    I have never been totally wedded to one brand and have owned Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood and Alinco radios over my 40 years as an amateur. They have all been good radios: each brand has strengths and weaknesses. I do think that the IF DSP in the Icom 7600 is stunning, but the Yaesu 857D in my Nissan is also tremendous as a mobile: I have owned that since shortly after the 857D came on the market buying mine from Benelec at Wyong. I now have a second and I reckon it will be really good as a portable radio. I have a number of friends here in SA that have the Icom 7300 and they are all ‘in love’ with the radio! I will be very interested to see how it performs: I reckon you will be ‘chuffed’!

    John D

  7. Nice one, Andrew. Perhaps it’s a sign of age creeping up on you. Nice rig; will be interested in hearing how it performs. I’d keep this one firmly on the shack bench!

  8. Very nice Andrew! I have two friends that have this rig and are very happy with it. It’s quite possible one of these finds its way into my shack at some point in the future. 73, Tim KA9EAK

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