VK1 SOTA QSO Party – Sunday 7 August 2016

Hi all SOTA/QRP fans

Sunday 7 August 2016.   Radio amateurs in Australia’s capital city Canberra (VK1) are planning a simultaneous activation of VK1 and nearby VK2 SOTA summits, kicking off at 09:00 local (2300 UTC, 6 August 2016) for operations over 2 to 3 hours.  This radio amateur event is known locally as the VK1 SOTA ‘Winter’ QSO Party, now in its 4th consecutive year where enthusiastic SOTA activators brave the Canberra cold weather to showcase amateur radio to the Canberra community, that’s Kangaroos not humans.   😉

local wildlife - Kangaroos

locals at Mt Taylor VK1/AC-037

SOTA and VKFF Park activator stations will be operating on:

  • HF SSB:  3.5, 7, 10, 14 and 21 MHz
  • HF CW:   3.5, 7, 10 and 14 MHz
  • VHF/UHF: 50.150 USB, 52.2 USB, 144.200 USB & 146.500 FM, 432.200 USB & 439.00 FM

Interest in this year’s activity has stepped up a level with the inclusion of activators in VK2, VK3, VK5, VK7, VK8 and ZL (New Zealand).  With less than a day to go, planned participation in this year’s event has exceeded all expectations.  36 activators will compete with SOTA chasers in VK and ZL to secure highly sort-after Summit to Summit (S2S) points pre and post UTC day change.    Planned activations across Australia and New Zealand’s North (ZL1) and South (ZL3) Islands include:

  • Andrew VK1AD and Tony VK1VIC, Castle Hill, VK1/AC-032
  • Andrew VK1DA, Mt Ainslie, VK1/AC-040
  • Al VK1RX, Mt Rob Roy, VK1/AC-031
  • Andrew VK1MBE, Mt Cowangerong, VK2/ST-002 (Capt’s Flat Wx Radar)
  • Andrew VK2MWP, Mt Stromlo, VK1/AC-043
  • Allen VK3ARH, Mt William, VK3/VS-001
  • Tony VK3CAT, Mt Mitchell, VK3/VN-012
  • Adan VK1FJAW, One Tree Hill, VK1/AC-035
  • Ron VK3AFW and Ken VK3KIM, Mt Gordon, VK3/VN-027
  • Gerard VK2IO, South Black Range, VK2/ST-006
  • David VK2FLDW, Mount Alexandra, VK2/IL-005
  • John ZL1BYZ, Klondyke, ZL1/WK-147
  • Tim ZL4TZ, The Bluff, ZL3/SL-307
  • Warren ZL2AJ, Pukemako, ZL1/WK-153
  • Kyle ZL2KGF, Patuha, ZL1/TN-006
  • Greg VK8GM, Mount Johns, VK8/AL-153
  • Wynne ZL2ATH, Mount Crawford, ZL1/WL-153
  • Paul VK3HN, Mt St Leonard, VK3/VC-006
  • Col VK3LED, Mt Moliagul, VK3/VN-024
  • Matt VK1MA, Black Mountain, VK1/AC-042
  • Dave VK4DD, The Knobby, VK4/SE-097
  • Ian VK1DI, Yellow Rabbit Hill, VK1/AC-039
  • Paul VK5PAS, Black Bullock Hill, VK5/SE-016
  • Paul VK1ATP, Baldy Range, VK2/ST-008
  • Tony VK7LTD and Angela VK7FAMP, Mt Phipps, VK7/SC-027
  • Brian VK3MCD, Mt Hotham, VK3/VE-006
  • Bernard VK2IB, Mt Granya, VK3/VE-165
  • Nick VK2AOH, Mt Nangar, VK2/CW-043; and
  • Ian VK5CZ, The Dutchman’s Stern, VK5/NE-028
  • Phil VK3BHR, VK3/VC-007, Mt Macedon
  • Nigel VK5NHG, VK5/SE-008, Lagoon Hill
  • Nick VK3ANL, VK3/VC-030, Flinders Peak
  • Malcolm VK3MEL, VK3/VS-016, Mt Gorrin

This year VK and ZL SOTA activators will be joined by VKFF Park activators operating from parks in South Australia (VK5):

  • John VK5BJE, Bullock Hill Conservation Park, VKFF-0873; and
  • Rob VK4AAC/5, Croajingolong National Park, VKFF-0119

Additional SOTA activators on the day: (updated 8 Aug 16)

  • Peter VK3PF, VK3/VT-040, Spion Kopje

All planned activations are subject to good weather and open tracks.   Sunday morning please check SOTAWatch and Parks n Peaks for live activation spots containing activator details including callsign, frequency and mode.  For anyone interested in chasing a summit in Australia’s Red Centre, the heart of Australia’s outback Alice Springs, look out for SOTA spots from Greg VK8GM on Mount Johns VK8/AL-153.

73, Andrew VK1AD

P.S.  Did anyone notice the most popular SOTA activator name in VK?  There are three more in VK3 and one in ZL who are yet to post an alert.  That’s right, plenty of potential for ‘Andrew to Andrew’ Summit to Summit (S2S) contacts. 🙂

Post date: 20:00 5 August 2016
Last update: 19:50 8 August 2016


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