SOTA – Yaesu FT-857D configured for SSB

For Yaesu FT-857D owners, I have published a Quick Reference Guide on the configuration of the radio using a standard MH-31 microphone or the MH-59 AJ8 remote DTM microphone.  I prefer to use the MH-59 DTMF microphone with programmable P1 and P2 buttons for quick access to selected menus.  Watch out for the nifty VFO wheel on the upper right edge of the microphone just where your right thumb sits.  Yes I too have been caught out shifting the VFO in the middle of a SOTA contact!    🙂

Photos: © Copyright 2016 Andrew VK1AD

See my new page  FT-857D Menu Settings

FT-857D deployed for a SOTA activation of Mt Little Joe VK3/VC-027

FT-857D deployed for a SOTA activation of Mt Little Joe VK3/VC-027. The Mic pictured is the standard MH-31

Purchased accessory MH-59 A8J DTMF Microphone

MH-59 DTMF Microphone

MH-59 A8J DTMF Microphone. The VFO thumbwheel is pictured on the edge of the microphone.  P1 and P2 buttons are programmable to give you direct access to two selected menus.



5 thoughts on “SOTA – Yaesu FT-857D configured for SSB

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  2. Hi Andrew,
    A really good post. I don’t have the DTMF microphone, just the MH-31, and that is what I will continue with because of large hands. I will have a look at my set-up and make a comparison. I set my audio for the Heil Pro-set Elite and use the same settings for the standard microphone. Many people fail to set the switch to the Western voice settings on the microphone. It makes a considerable difference when set correctly (for less tonal language styles). Thanks for your efforts.

    John Dawes VK5BJE/VK5PF

  3. Thanks for the quick reference guide! That “nifty VFO wheel” has caused me trouble as well. I inevitably hit it. I’ve now formed the habit of pressing the lock button on the mic or the rig before transmission. 73, Tim KA9EAK

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