Quiet day chasing VK and ZL SOTA activators

Sunday 28 August 2016.  With the exception of an early morning 5 km walk with my two dogs, I spent the rest of the day in the radio shack chasing VK and ZL activators.  SOTA gods were smiling on VK1 chasers today, good NVIS conditions on 40m with Victorian (VK3) activators operating between 7.080 and 7.110 MHz.  20m 14.305, 14,310 and 14.315 MHz provide good propagation to Western Australia (VK6) 3050 km and to New Zealand’s North Island (ZL1)   🙂

Conditions in the radio ‘shack’ were just that, rather cool ranging from 5 to 12 degrees C (41 to 53 F). 🌡❄

I had the pleasure of working three new SOTA peaks today:

  • David VK3IL at Mt Winstanley, VK3/VE-036 not far from Mt Buller
  • Warren ZL2AJ at Kakepuku, ZL1/WK-139, Waikato region of New Zealand – North Island
  • John VK6NU at Mt Solus VK6/SW-030, near Serpentine Dam south-east of Perth

40m NVIS conditions were mixed, I didn’t hear Tony VK3CAT on VK3/VN-006 or VK3/VN-007 378 km south-east of Canberra and Marcus VK3ASC/2 operating near Wagga Wagga only 161 km west of Canberra.

Extract from my SOTA chaser log – 28 August 2016

UTC Callsign Ref Name Points Band Mode Comments
00:39 VK3OHM/P VK3/VC-018 Mt Buninyong 4 7MHz SSB Marc S59 R59 535 km
03:34 VK3OHM/P VK3/VC-032 4 7MHz SSB Marc S59 R59 541 km
03:48 VK3IL/P VK3/VE-036 Mt Winstanley 10 7MHz SSB David S57 R59  314 km
04:13 VK6MAC/P VK6/SW-036 Mt Dale 2 14MHz SSB Anthony S56 R52 3050 km
05:09 ZL2AJ/P ZL1/WK-139 Kakepuku 1 14MHz SSB Warren S57 R57 2400 km
05:27 VK3LED/P VK3/VC-007 Mt Macedon 6 7MHz SSB Col S59 R58 470 km
05:59 VK6NU/P VK6/SW-030 Mt Solus 2 14MHz SSB John S57 R57 3050 km

3 thoughts on “Quiet day chasing VK and ZL SOTA activators

  1. I didn’t fair too badly at Winnanowie CP but I wouldn’t say the conditions were ‘good’. Propagation seemed to fade in and out with speed.


  2. Hi Andrew. My plans went awry on Sunday. Got to within 500m of VK3/ VN-005 then to find access prohibited. Moved to VN-004 via an untried route. Going was OK but slowed down a bit with snow. Gave SSB a fair slog but no nvis. Next was VN006. This is a rare one and a short but hard slog. Limited SSB contacts and did not get an SSB spot out. No VK1 stations in the log all day.
    Talking of Logs, many trees down so abandoned VN007 and spent a bit longer than planned on VN006.
    Access to all summits is off track. Will update the blog this week. Having some time off to sort things prior to USA next week.
    BTW. Worked ZL and OK yesterday. Tony

    • You were certainly in the HF dead-zone. I heard Col VK3LED trying to work you S2S, very frustrating for you to not make the S2S in return. Good luck with your travel plans, hope all goes well. 🙂

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