Canberra VK1 DMR Repeater

Exciting news, the Canberra DMR repeater was online late yesterday for experimentation and testing within VK.  The Canberra  Regional Amateur Radio Club (CRARC) has plans to refine the Talk Group (TG) settings for wider access.

For the time being the repeater details are:

  • Receive: 438.8125
  • Transmit: 431.8125
  • Colour Code: 1
  • Time Slot: 2
  • TG: 505

Last evening from the comfort of the radio shack I contacted Grant VK4JAZ in Brisbane, John VK6AG in Perth, Al VK6KIF/1 and locals Matt VK1MA and Glen VK1XX.  Audio quality was very good.  🙂



4 thoughts on “Canberra VK1 DMR Repeater

  1. I’m about to join up as a new member and get my first licence and DMR interests me… I baulked at the price of D-STAR when DMR seems to be gaining momentum. I live on a Belconnen north facing facing hill in Hawker and will be happy to help out with a repeater too. I don’t know how well it will work going over the hill towards the South though. Looks like there are some fantastic hand-held DMR handsets on eBay for good prices, compared to D-STAR at double to triple the price.

  2. Nice to work you again, Andrew. And this time on DMR! Your audio was excellent. Wait until you experience DX with operators far and wide. Really great, especially in times of poor HF conditions like we have now. I think DMR is a game-changer and the way forward; just look at what’s happening in the commercial and military spheres.

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