SOTA – Tantangara Mountain – Kosciuszko National Park

Saturday 10 December 2016.  Tantangara Mountain VK2/SM-024 1754 metres ASL, Snowy Mountains, Kosciuszko National Park  VKFF-0269

Three weeks ago my wife suggested I might like to ‘climb a mountain’ on Saturday 10 December 2016, I’m having the girls over for the traditional Austrian pre-Christmas biscuit bake-off, in other words Andrew get out of the house it’s going to be filled with ladies baking yummy Christmas biscuits, Husarenkrapfen, Vanillekipferl and a German style shortbread biscuit all while drinking Champagne!

With a leave-pass in-hand, I asked fellow VK1 SOTA activators Andrew VK1DA and Al VK1RX if they would like to join me for an activation of Tantangara Mountain VK2/SM-024.  Neither Andrew, Al or I have activated ‘Tantangara’ before, Tantangara will be a new adventure.  Unfortunately Al couldn’t make the trip so it was down to the two Andrews (1DA and 1AD).

Drive time from Canberra is 2 hours taking Boboyan Road to Adaminiby then the Snowy Mountains Hwy to Rock Plain Camp Ground.

The walk to the summit starts from Rocky Plain Camp Ground at 1380 metres ASL.  The ascent is 374 metres over a pleasant 4.3 km taking just on 2 hours, we took our merry old time.  🙂

Waypoints TAN1, TAN2…TAN16 are the position of small wooden directional marker posts.  In places the directional posts are shorter than the surrounding grass, you may miss one or two.

Tantangara Mountain GPS track overlay on Oz Topo

Tantangara Mountain GPS track overlay on Oz Topo

Following a marked bridle trail

Following a marked bridle trail to the summit

Tantangara Mountain track profile

Tantangara Mountain track profile

Tantangara ascent data

Tantangara Mountain ascent data

Photos: © Copyright 2016 Andrew VK1AD


Tantangara Mountain at 1745 metres ASL, 3 km north-east


Rocky Plain Camp Ground behind us, we are now on the ridge line at TAN1 waypoint

Follow the bridle trail and markers


Directional markers to the summit. I marked each post as a GPS waypoint, TAN1, TAN2….TAN16 etc

Tantangara Mountain is shown in the right of the photo


TAN4 waypoint – Pleasant walk


Bridle trail

Marker post from here turn left for Harvey’s Hut (450 metres) or straight ahead for Tantangara Mountain.  1 km to go  🙂


TAN7 waypoint – heading east for Tantangara Mountain, you can see a well-worn path

TAN11 waypoint – Line of beautiful Snow Gums


Snow Gum

First sighting of the Trig Station


summit Trig Station ahead

At the summit, VK1AD operating a FT-857D


Andrew VK1AD in his usual SOTA position laying in the grass – Photo by Andrew VK1DA

Sitting on a rock under the trig station is a geocache tube.  The tube contains a log book which Andrew and I completed.  The last entry in the log book is a note from Brian VK3MCD/2.   😉

VK1AD SOTA Shack at Tantangara Mountain


VK1AD SOTA Shack – FT-857D @ 20 watts output

Extract from VK1AD SOTA Activator Log:  10 December 2016 – Tantangara Mountain VK2/SM-024

HF conditions were very poor, the K Index was 3 and rising.  90 minutes on the summit for 18 unique chaser QSOs.   😦

Summit to Summit QSO:  Ian VK1DI/P operating from Booroomba Rocks VK1/AC-026 1380 metres ASL on 2m FM 146.5 MHz, 52 km north-east at 48 degrees following a path over Blackfellows Hill, Half Moon Peak and Mt Murray.  🙂

Time Call Band Mode Notes
01:27z VK1MA 50MHz SSB Matt S58 R55 50.150
01:32z VK1DI/P 144MHz FM Ian S2S VK1/AC-026 S58 R59 146.5
01:48z VK1MA 144MHz SSB Matt S58 R55 144.200
01:53z VK1EM 144MHz SSB Mark S53 R41 144.200
02:01z VK2FSAV 28MHz SSB Brett S58 R55 28.455
02:07z VK4DH 28MHz SSB David S58 R56
02:26z VK4RF 14MHz SSB Rick S58 R58 14.310
02:27z VK4HA 14MHz SSB Rick S58 R58
02:35z VK4RF 10MHz SSB Rick S59 R52 10.130
02:36z VK4HA 10MHz SSB Rick S59 R52
02:43z VK3PMG 7MHz SSB Mick S56 R43
02:44z VK3GGG 7MHz SSB Mick S56 R43 7.095
02:45z VK4AAC/5 7MHz SSB Rob VKFF-0796 S56 R33
02:47z VK3BHR 7MHz SSB Phil S58 R54
02:50z VK3HRA 7MHz SSB Allen S58 R53
02:54z VK3LED 7MHz SSB Col S56 R58
02:56z VK5PAS 7MHz SSB Paul S58 R53
02:57z VK3SFG 7MHz SSB Sergio S58 R57
02:58z VK2IO 7MHz SSB Gerard S59 R56
03:11z VK3FCMC 7MHz SSB Michael S59 R45
03:12z VK2FPRM 7MHz SSB Phil S58 R57

Andrew VK1DA setting up a 1/4 wave ground plane antenna for operation on 20m



Interesting to find a compass at the summit.  The base would appear to be from a former ship’s compass.



Packed up and ready for a 4.2 km walk back to Rocky Plain camp ground


Views south-east includes Alpine Hill VK2/SM-029 and Lake Eucumbene

Amusing gate attire – are you missing a shoe or gum boot? I particularly like the prosthesis   🙂


Spare shoe or boot anyone, donations kindly accepted..

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  1. I dont see any snow Andrew on this mountain but am impressed with hiking back down with only 1 boot after a donation

    We got a foot of the white fluffy stuff last night……brrrrrr

  2. Hi Andrew
    A great post with splendid pictures. I really enjoyed reading your post and I feel really sorry you got kicked out of your own house!
    Cheers until I catch up.
    John D

    • Hi John, I will save you a sample of the Austrian Christmas biscuits. Happy to be kicked out of the house if it means I get to play radio! 🙂
      73, Andrew VK1AD

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