Where in Canberra is this survey plate?

Where in the Australian Capital Territory is this benchmark (BM) survey marker plate (general location say within 1 km)?

Original post 20 November 2016, post updated 12 December 2016.

Who’s into Geocaching, do you know the precise location?

Clues: Space, STS, year 1981 and the number 26   🙂

Survey Plate

Benchmark Survey Marker Plate – photo Saturday 19 November 2016

Answer:  At the former Orroral Valley Tracking Station operated by NASA.  The benchmark plate is at the base of the former 26 metre radio telescope once used to communicate with the Space Shuttle Columbia. The 26m antenna is now located at the Mount Pleasant Radio Observatory, Tasmania operated by the University of Tasmania.


Orroral Valley 26 metre antenna

Of interest to some radio amateurs will be the base of the former WWV antenna and mast

Base of the former WWV antenna

Base of the former WWV antenna

WWV Information plate

WWV Information plate

Justin VK7TW was so close.  Here is a photo of the former NASA lunar laser ranging station 1.7 km south-west, at a bearing of 240 degrees from the survey plate.

Geodetic Laser Station

Geodetic Laser Station

Geodetic Observatory

Former Geodetic Observatory


4 thoughts on “Where in Canberra is this survey plate?

  1. Would that be Nm C 106 the former Orroral Lunar Laser Ranging Station? There is a connection between the Tracking Station and Tassie as the University of Tasmania ended up with the parabolic tracking dish and reinstalled at Mt Pleasant near Richmond in Southern Tasmania.

    • Hi Justin, it’s not the Nm C 106 Laser Ranging Station which is 1.7 km from this survey marker. The connection to the University of Tasmania is correct, excellent work. You have the answer, almost there, so close!
      FYI – I have updated the post with pics of the former NASA Lunar Laser Ranging station.
      Andrew VK1AD

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