QRP – Chasing SOTA and Parks with 5 watts output

Wednesday 28 December 2016.  Today I attempted to complete my SOTA and VKFF Park chasing with a maximum of 5 watts power output from my Icom IC-7300.

Results are shown in the table below.  Between 2300 and 2345 UTC propagation on 40 and 20m was excellent working Matt VK1MA/2 on 40m and later Steve VK7CW on 20m with a power setting of 750 milliwatts.   🙂

Of the nine QSOs seven were completed with a power setting at 5 watts or less.  2 QSOs were completed at 10 watts output.

UTC Date UTC Time Band Mode Callsign SOTA / Park Reference My Tx Pwr (watts) Notes
27/12/16 23:04 7MHz SSB VK1MA/2 VK2/SW-036 3 Matt S59 R59, 59 km
27/12/16 23:09 7MHz SSB VK1MA/2 VK2/SW-036 0.75 Matt S59 R56, 59 km
27/12/16 23:25 14MHz SSB VK7CW NA 0.75 Working Steve in Tasmania on 20m 14.315 MHz with 750 milliwatts,  distance is 700 km.  Steve is operating a FT-817 at 500 milliwatts.  Signal reports were 5-5 and 5-8
28/12/16 1:04 7MHz SSB VK1MA/2 VK2/SW-027 5 Matt S56 R52, 53 km
28/12/16 1:09 7MHz SSB VK3CAT/P VK3/VE-040 5 Tony S56 R59, 315 km
28/12/16 2:35 7MHz SSB VK2YK/3 VKFF-0627 10 Adam S56 R36. I started at 3 watts but moved to 10 watts to complete the 464 km contact.
28/12/16 2:44 7MHz SSB VK1MA/2 VK2/SW-026 3.5 Matt S57 R52, 51 km
28/12/16 2:46 14MHz SSB VK1MBE/2 VK2/ST-036 5 Andrew S55 R51, 26 km
28/12/16 5:03 7MHz SSB VK1MA/2 VK2/SW-028 10 Matt S56 R56, 38 km. Again I started at 3 watts but moved to 10 watts to complete the contact

Go QRP!  5 watts or less  😉


5 thoughts on “QRP – Chasing SOTA and Parks with 5 watts output

  1. I was able to hear and work matt VK1MA but couldn’t copy you from Townsville.


    • Hi Chris, nice to read you are back in Townsville. Thanks for you comments and feedback throughout 2016. Happy New Year for 2017 and best wishes to you and your family for the holiday season.
      Andrew VK1AD

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