VK1AD – WSPRLite 200 mW to Sweden on 30m

Another record for WSPRLite 200 mW transmitter this time on 30m (10 MHz)

Today at 06:54 UTC, SM0EPX near Stockholm Sweden detected my 200 mW WSPR signal on 30m.  That’s 24,391 km long path or 15,640 km short path which may equate to 78,150 km or 124,655 km per watt.  My antenna is a 40m OCF with the feed point 8 metres above ground level.  Impedance matching (50 ohms) is achieved using a small homebrew QRP Z-Match.  Of course the actual power radiating from the antenna will be less than 200 mW due to losses in the Z-Match unit followed by losses in the coax feed line.

Time stamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
2017-03-01 06:54  VK1AD  10.140179  -24  0  QF44mp  0.2  SM0EPX/RX2  JO89si  15640  323

Also pleased to see VKs and ZLs on the WSPR propagation map.  I note fellow SOTA activator and QRP specialist VK7TW is in the group.  😉

VK1AD WSPRLite 30m 200 mW to Sweden

1 March 2017 – VK1AD 30m 200 mW WSPRLite signal to Stockholm Sweden

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  1. Great work Andrew. As I’ve said before, I intend to try to get together a much more robust digital QRP set up for Parks and Peaks using the JT65 and PSK modes.


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