VK1AD WSPRLite 100 mW on 20m

VK1AD WSPRLite beacon past 24 hours to 0945 UTC 26 March 2017

Radio amateur stations in Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia who report receiving my 20m 100 mW WSPRLite signal.  My antenna is a 40m OCF wire dipole with the feed point at 8 metres above ground level.

WSPR Map – 26 April 2017

VK1AD WSPRLite 20m 100 mW signal – 24 hours to 0945 UTC 26 April 2017

26 April 2017 – VK1AD WSPRLite 20m 100 mW signal



4 thoughts on “VK1AD WSPRLite 100 mW on 20m

  1. Nicely done Andrew. I’ve been watching your WSPRLite posts with interest. I finally ordered one yesterday. Should be here in a week or two. I’ve done some WSPR-ing with my IC-718 and a SignaLink USB but short of an external attenuator I can only dial it down to 1 W. I’m looking forward to getting the WSPRLite on the air and doing some testing. 73, Tim KA9EAK

    • Hi Tim it’s equally interesting to observe how far a signal can travel even when poor band conditions are predicted. I will soon have a multiband HF vertical mounted over my garage metal roof, I plan to compare the radion patterns of my 40m OCF dipole against a homebrew vertical. All good fun especially when I can’t get out to play SOTA. I will be interested to follow your WSPRlite implementation. 73 Andrew VK1AD

  2. Isn’t it amazing how far a really weak signal can be heard? The power of QRP!

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