SOTA – Mt Wee Jasper route update

VK2/ST-017 Mt Wee Jasper 1121 metres ASL, Wee Jasper State Forest

Sunday 30 April 2017, Al VK1RX and I are heading to Mt Wee Jasper, our last visit to the summit was in 2013 where on the 7.8 km walk out we encountered a thunderstorm, soaked!

The aim of this post is to share the details of a revised route to Mt Wee Jasper, plus or minus a few metres.  This is an update to my previous post 19 April 2014. See links below to earlier blog posts.

The longest part of the drive is from Canberra to the township of Wee Jasper via Uriarra Road, Fairlight Road, Mountain Creek Road and Wee Jasper Road.

Forest logging tracks have been improved since my last visit in 2014 with Andrew VK1DA.  Tracks have been widened and graded by forestry workers. Blackberry bush scratches down the length of your car have been eliminated.  🙂

Summit route instructions:

  • Drive to Wee Jasper and the cross bridge, continue through the township.
  • at the next T intersection turn left to Tumut.
  • drive passed the old wool shed (or drop in for a visit)
  • at the next T intersection (Nottingham and Tumut/Yass Road) turn right. You will see a campground to your front.
  • Stay on the Tumut road until you arrive at Wee Jasper Forest Road on your left.  At Wee Jasper Forest Road reset your trip meter.  Repeat reset your trip meter.
  • drive along Wee Jasper Forest Road for 2.4 km and turn left into Pheasant Creek Road. (don’t reset your trip meter)
  • drive along Pheasant Creek road for 2.4 km until the trip meter reads 4.8 km plus or minus a few metres, you should see an unnamed track on your left.  BTW, don’t turn left on to a 4WD track at 4.4 km, continue on until your trip meter reads 4.8 km.
  • turn left on to the graded well maintained logging track and follow the track for 1.1 km to an unnamed track on your right, your trip meter should now read 5.9 km +/-.
  • turn right and follow this track for 810 metres.  At 610 metres (6.5 km) the Hume and Hovel walking track will merge from your left.  At 6.7 km you will see a Pine Forest on your right, stop at the pine forest.
  • Two options:  Leave your car here for the walk or turn right into the Pine Forest and continue for 1 km until the 4WD track runs to a dead-end at 7 km.  (If the track is wet I recommend leaving your car at the Pine Forest intersection)
  • Immediately to your front is the Hume and Hovell track sign.  Leave your car parked safely (depending on weather) and enjoy the 630 metre short walk to the summit.  The terrain is very steep, recommend you stay on the formed walking track.


Mt Wee Jasper 4wd trail update April 2017.  Garmin 64S track overlay on OzTopo

Mt Wee Jasper activation zone is surrounded by Wee Jasper State Forest Pine Plantation

Mt Wee Jasper 4wd graded road

Mt Wee Jasper 4wd track profile

Final leg, now you have an opportunity to exercise your legs climbing 114 metres  😉

Mt Wee Jasper – final leg 114 metre ascent over 630 metres on foot. Garmin 64S track overlay on OzTopo

Mt Wee Jasper final leg profile on foot

Photos: © Copyright 2017 Andrew VK1AD

Summit pictures Mt Wee Jasper

Mt Wee Jasper Trig Station

Mt Wee Jasper 1121 meters ASL

View around the summit

VK1RX relaxing while operating a FT857D. HF antenna is a homebrew linked inverted V dipole

VK1RX operating a FT-857D on 2m 146.500 FM

homebrew 2m Slim Jim antenna constructed from CCS 300 ohm ladder line

VK1AD SOTA Shack at Mt Wee Jasper. In the foreground 7m telescopic pole supported by a guy kit


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